You know how people in the workplace sometimes have trouble getting along, and how it creates stress for everyone involved, ultimately leading to operational inefficiency and possibly even financial or legal issues?

Well, what we do is mitigate that risk, increase efficiency, and decrease the stress. We do this by teaching leaders and employees how to communicate more effectively and rebuild mutual trust, through coaching, training, and conflict resolution services that we call peacemaking. In fact, we've helped dozens of companies, large and small, in all varieties of industries around the U.S., resolve conflicts and foster greater peace.

 Pollack Peacebuilding Systems is not your average conflict resolution consulting firm. We are a complete 360-degree peace generator empowering organizations toward positive change through transformative peace processes.


Have a Current Conflict?

We can help. Our peacemaking and conflict coaching services are led by expert workplace conflict resolution consultants, whose central focus is your organization's internal peace.

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Need Conflict Training?

From conflict resolution skills to de-escalation tactics to diversity & inclusion, our customized workplace training programs are designed to help teams foster peace and productivity.

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Why Work with Us?

Partnering with Pollack Peacebuilding to improve relationships in organizations is a unique experience from typical conflict resolution firms. Every case is a unique, customized peace process.

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 The Business of Peace

Unity and optimization—that's what drives us. We are a conflict resolution consulting firm focused on helping individuals and teams transform their relationships, communicate more effectively, and resolve conflicts faster and more peacefully. Considering human beings are extremely dependent on their social environments for a sense of identity and internal peace, PPS endeavors to unify and optimize both interpersonal and group dynamics to engender greater and lasting harmony across multiple dimensions—within individuals, between individuals, and between groups.

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Do You Need Help Managing or Resolving a Conflict?

Mismanaged conflicts only get worse over time. Don't wait to begin the resolution process. Contact a PPS conflict resolution consultant today to get started in resolving or managing your conflict. We're here to help.

What to Look for in a Conflict Resolution Consulting Firm

conflict resolution consulting firmConflict management services can come in many different forms. Whether you engage an independent alternative dispute resolution consultant, a mediation services provider, or a larger conflict resolution consulting firm, what matters most is the type of conflict you currently have and the particular resolution you're seeking. For instance, if you are looking for legal conflict resolution services or workplace conflict management consulting, it would be important to hire a company or consultant that specifically handles financial, legal, or employment disputes.  On the other hand, if you're looking for guidance on transforming relationships, to improve your communication skills, or for advice on conflict resolution strategies or skills in general, it would be important to research conflict resolution consulting firms that truly understand the psychology of conflict and have experience in integrated negotiations, interest-based mediation, and/or transformative conflict resolution practices.  At PPS, we certainly fall into the latter category, as we rarely engage in distributive negotiation practices ( i.e. purely legal or financial disputes) and focus almost exclusively on transforming relationships for improved and lasting peace and unity. We also offer a variety of conflict management training workshops, conflict coaching, conflict analysis services, organizational systems design, and conflict resolution consulting on retainer. PPS was founded by Jeremy Pollack.

The Definition of Conflict Resolution Vs. Conflict Management

We all deal with interpersonal conflict as a normal and healthy part of life. But most people rarely think about the actual definition of conflict resolution; it is just something you do naturally when navigating relationships. You would not be very successful in life without inborn conflict management skills. Definitions of the terms “conflict management” and “conflict resolution” may not be part of your normal vocabulary, but you will learn about these concepts if you participate in professional conflict coaching with a conflict resolution consulting firm. The conflict resolution definition and conflict management definition are essential concepts in the field of peacebuilding.

The Definition of Conflict

Conflict has been defined a number of different ways. As conflict resolution consultants, we define it as a real or perceived misalignment between two parties’ needs and/or interests. In other words, when at least one party perceives that another party is threatening or depleting its needs or interests, therein lies a conflict. Conflicts are different than disputes in that disputes often have to do with particular positions on a matter and have a clear resolution possibility; on the other hand, conflicts typically require deeper examination of the underlying interests and potentially a transformation of the relationship. Now, let’s move on to the definition of conflict resolution and the definition of conflict management.

The Definition of Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution means exactly how it sounds; it involves actual problem-solving toward an agreement over conflicting interests, values, or needs acquisition. If we are to use this definition of conflict resolution, and since conflicts are a deeper more complicated matter than disputes, finding a course of action that is truly satisfying to all parties involved in the conflict can take a lot of work. Therefore, the conflict resolution definition is best applied to conflicts that are at least solvable and that are important enough to require a solution. The definition of conflict resolution is analogous to when a judge issues a ruling in a legal case: to achieve an actual resolution of a conflict, one party has to get what they want, even at the other party’s expense, or else the parties must reach a mutually satisfying agreement. In many cases, a Win-Win solution will require assistance from a conflict resolution consultant, rather than a judge or arbitrator.

The Definition of Conflict Management

Unfortunately, conflict resolution consultants, just like anyone else, can’t resolve every conflict; in fact, sometimes ongoing conflicts (albeit minimal conflicts) can be productive to maintain. So how do we deal with the ones we can’t resolve? Herein lies the definition of conflict management. Conflict management is every possible way of dealing with an ongoing conflict, whether or not it has the potential for reaching a resolution. Unfortunately, many of the conflicts we see in the world today, especially between nations, are considered “intractable”, meaning they are complicated and long-standing. Many of these will have trouble resolving anytime soon, which means conflict resolution consulting firms must be employed to help manage the ongoing issues. In the interpersonal realm, we might manage a conflict by agreeing to disagree or by resolving parts of the conflict that can be resolved more easily, while leaving other aspects for later discussion. A large part of conflict management is deciding how much time and energy needs to be devoted to which parts of the conflict.

The definition of conflict resolution is just one of the lessons you will learn if you hire a conflict resolution consulting firm like Pollack Peacebuilding Systems. PPS offers many different types of coaching and conflict management consulting services, as well as conflict resolution workshops, for individuals and companies. Our workplace conflict resolution services are designed to help coworkers communicate more effectively and rebuild trust with one another. From transformative mediation services to conflict resolution training, Pollack Peacebuilding Systems can help you achieve a more harmonious and productive environment.