The 6-Needs System™ for Improved Culture

What Makes a Healthy Group Dynamic & Culture?

Here’s a secret: It’s NOT about wealth! Research has shown, for instance, that compensation alone is not a sufficient incentive to motivate productivity, inspire innovation, or improve job satisfaction. And some of the wealthiest cultures in the world are steeped in conflict. So what does make for a healthy, peaceful, and productive culture? The researchers at PPS have compiled hundreds of studies in human well-being and fulfillment, and what we found were 6 Core Human Needs, essential for peace and cooperation.

Groups & Organizations Fulfilling Individuals’ Needs

Most of the human needs research performed over the last century has looked at needs fulfillment at the individual and community levels. Anthropologist Jeremy Pollack has translated these theories into a palatable 6-point system for assessment of human needs fulfillment in organizations and workplaces. According to needs theories, the fulfillment of all 6 human needs naturally creates well-being; while the depletion of even one need creates perpetual dysfunction. The solution: The 6-Needs System™ for Improved Culture.

Scientific Methodology in Devising Practical Applications

Because the PPS team has an extensive academic background, from anthropology to humanistic psychology, combined with real-world professional experience, our approach begins with research-based, scientific methodologies to assess human environments, conflict, and productivity. We are then able to interpret both the quantitative and qualitative data in a pragmatic way in order to develop actionable plans, and provide dynamic solutions for deep and lasting organizational transformation.

PPS employs information-gathering methodologies, including onsite interviews and surveys, to assess a variety of metrics within the 6-Needs System™. The PPS team of organizational experts analyzes the data to assess which needs are being sufficiently fulfilled and which require attention. Our conflict analysis tools identify each organization under a particular “organizational type”, represented by 6 letters, each having to do with one of the basic needs. The ideal organizational type, which we attempt to help all organizations achieve, is identified as the “PEACFL” organization (Protective, Engaging, Attentive, Caring, Freeing, Leverageable). Based on the identification of an organizational type, PPS makes recommendations for actionable solutions to begin fulfilling employees’ needs and thus elevating organizational culture and group dynamics toward becoming a PEACFL organization.

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