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Ashden Madison“Peace, to me, is an ever-changing amalgamation of meaning and purpose that is as desirable as it is elusive. It is an idealized state dichotomous to conflict, and it is through examining these two aspects of life that I aim to gain a more complete awareness and understanding of their relation. I have devoted my studies to come to better understand this enigmatic and essential dimension of life, and with my time helping Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, I hope to better know it and its practical uses in mediation and peacebuilding.”

Ashden has a B.A. in Social and Cultural Analysis with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies from Arizona State University. Much of his time focused on peace studies pertaining to human rights, genocide, and general history through an interdisciplinary lens. Past experience working with individuals with special needs and time spent on an incident report team gave Ashden insight into the issues around conflict and resolution, which ultimately pushed him towards pursuing a degree specializing in peace.

As the Peace Content Coordinator, Ashden coordinates and creates our peace content, ensuring quality and timely distribution.

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