conflict resolution expert san francisco“I am an analytical problem solver by nature that thrives on the opportunity to break issues down into their smallest elements in order to develop logical solutions based on the method of best practices, or ‘win-win” scenarios”.

Brentston Taylor, a lifetime San Francisco Bay Area Resident, is a Professionally Certified Mediator from the Santa Clara County’s Office of Mediation and Ombudsman Services with over ten years of experience in Mental Health Counseling Services and Social Services, Specializing in Behavior Modification and Crisis Communication techniques. Brentston’s mediation experiences have ranged from group workplace mediations to interpersonal relationship dynamic-based mediations, in addition, he is also a volunteer Mediator within the Alameda County Court system.

A self-published writer, Brentston is the author of “The 25 Keys To Communication” a book designed to educate and instruct introverts and those who improve their communication skills.

Brentston has a Masters Degree In Public Administration/Public Policy and a Bachelors in Psychology, both from California State University, Hayward.

In his free time, Brentston enjoys playing chess, writing, studying philosophy, and nature walks.

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