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Danielle Ratcliffe

General Overview

Danielle is a highly skilled and compassionate workplace mediator, conflict resolution trainer and conflict coach. She has extensive experience in assisting individuals and teams to find solutions to conflict. She understands that these conversations are challenging to us all regardless of our role, status or experience. She has a natural warmth and ability to put people at ease by being open, prepared to listen and responsive to each client, enabling them to resolve conflict in their own way. 

Danielle believes that conflict, if handled well, can bring about transformations. Witnessing the relief people can experience and the rebuilding of seemingly broken relationships is extremely rewarding for Danielle.

Business Experience

Danielle has been a mediator and trainer for over fifteen years and has been coaching in a range of capacities for over a decade. Danielle first experienced the power of conflict resolution, working for a youth charity, preventing homelessness. Danielle built resilience and skills though mediating what were often gritty and emotionally charged neighbourhood disputes. Today she resolves workplace conflict at all levels, across high profile businesses, public and charity sectors. 


  • Large and small businesses
  • Banking, retail and media organisations
  • Public sector including local government, education and health services
  • Charity sector


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Honors, University of Birmingham
  • Accredited Mediator, National Open College Network London
  • Accredited Mediation Supervisor, National Open College Network London
  • Conflict Coach Certificate, CINERGY model
  • Business and Life Coach, Institute for Leadership and Management
  • Certificate in Training Practice (Distinction), Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development


  • Civil Mediation Council
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • HIVE-society (Professional Network for Conflict Management Experts)

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