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Danielle Ratcliffe“I believe that conflict, if handled well, can bring about positive transformations. I enable people to have difficult conversations and have been overwhelmed witnessing the sense of relief as well as the rebuilding of what appeared to be completely broken relationships.”

Danielle is a highly skilled and compassionate workplace mediator, conflict resolution trainer, and conflict coach in London. She has extensive experience in assisting individuals and teams to find solutions to conflict, in settings ranging from communication breakdown in working relationships to anti-social behaviour in the community. Danielle empowers and enables people to communicate and manage conflict by ensuring that they feel safe and comfortable to be themselves. Through her years of practice, she understands that these conversations are challenging to us all regardless of our role, status, or experience. She has a natural warmth and ability to put people at ease, by being open, prepared to listen, and enabling them to resolve conflict in their own way.

Danielle was first inspired when she experienced the power of conflict resolution to prevent homelessness when working for a youth homelessness charity in Kings Cross, London over 15 years ago. She went on to establish a consultancy-based service for organisations across the UK offering advice, training, and networking based on their young people and family mediation model. She built both resilience and skills through mediating what were often gritty and emotionally charged neighbourhood disputes. Today, with a calm, compassionate, and clear approach she now helps to resolve relational all types of conflict across commercial, public, and charity sectors.

In recognition of her skills, Danielle was nominated for Workplace Mediator of the year in 2020 through the Civil Mediation Council. She is an Accredited Mediator and Supervisor by the Open College Network. As a certified Conflict Coach, Danielle adopts the CINERGY Conflict Management Model as a basis for understanding and resolving conflict. Danielle has delivered and assessed numerous Accredited Workplace Mediation courses over the years. Passionate about personal development, growth, and sharing best practice, Danielle co-hosts an online peer mediator support group and contributes to coaching networks facilitated by the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), to which she is also a member.

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As a Mediator:
“Danielle is a good ‘sharp’ listener. She heard both sides and was very neutral, not judging in any way. During mediation, she allowed us to speak equally, with no bias. It was helpful to speak to someone openly, that was external to the organization, to whom I could be honest.”
 – Employee, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust

As a Conflict Coach:
“I would 100% recommend Danielle. Her style and approach enable you to feel empowered in working towards your goals. She encourages ownership, enables you to find clarity, and gives you the tools to really think about and understand yourself, your situation, what you want to achieve, and how you will do this. I found the sessions to be challenging and energizing and her approach to working with you to achieve your goals is unique to any other coaching I have had in the last 22 years. She is efficient in building a relationship of trust and shows empathy while drawing opportunity and development quickly, and then remains focused and positive throughout. Thank you so much!”
 – Jemma Thomas, Customer Engagement Manager, Triodos Bank

As a Trainer:
“Our training course was incredible, Danielle was amazing, incredibly helpful and sensitive. It was a life-changing experience. Highly recommended for anyone and everyone.”
 – Dr Anna Hsu, Lecturer, Queen Mary University London

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