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Dawn Hagopian“As a conflict management specialist and an expert in interpersonal negotiations, I hear from hundreds of people a year about serious conflicts and concerns. Which is why I am so passionate about helping couples, families, and organizations identify needs and work towards win-win solutions. These type of interactions create opportunities and growth through conflict. My research interests focus on the uses of power in interpersonal negotiations, harassment, dispute resolution, and coping with difficult people. I am especially interested in the role of ‘change through transformation’ in helping to affirm professional and productive behavior within organizations.”

Dawn Hagopian is an Adjunct Professor of ABE/General Education Portland Community College, and Lead L.I.F.E. Instructor with the Prison and Re-Entry Program, Mercy Corps. NW. She has been working in the Alternative Dispute Resolution field for over 20 years.

Dawn began her mediation career in 2004 as a volunteer mediator, and served on Small Claims, Probate, and Civil Litigation Cases. Shortly after working as a volunteer mediator, she was hired as a Student Success Instructor and Student Lead Ambassador. Dawn is a Site Coordinator for Youth Contact/Kids Turn, a nationally recognized child-oriented educational program for Washington County families in the process of reorganization due to separation, divorce, or changes in custody or visitation. She has completed hundreds of hours of training in mediation, conflict management, and negotiation techniques. As a Parenting Education Facilitator, she has mediated conflicts between couples, families, and small groups, aiming as often as possible to transform relationships and create Win-Win resolutions for all parties.

Dawn has extensive experience mediating and resolving workplace disputes, interpersonal disputes, and complex issues. She designs and implements communication, conflict resolution, and diversity trainings for non-profit and other educational organization.

Dawn holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Masters in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University, as well as a certificate in advanced negotiation techniques.

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