conflict resolution expert new york city“I believe conflict resolution is a lifestyle and it is our goal to actively and consciously cultivate cultures for it to flourish.”

Emily Skinner holds a B.A. in modern languages with a focus in Spanish and Portuguese from Rutgers University, an M.S. in Conflict Resolution and Analysis from Nova Southeastern University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Conflict Resolution and Analysis. Her dissertation explores the social understanding of conflict and how it affects applied services. The work focuses on taking an introspective lens at the field with intent to lessen the gap between the high social need for conflict resolution services and overt low social demand. The goal is to use this research to expand the market for conflict resolution services. Her experience includes consulting, training, and conflict resolution coaching for private, non- profit, government, and higher education institutions. She specializes in designing training and intervention methods to connect the audience with theory and practice. She has worked abroad developing social programs for women and children in South America and is committed to developing and transforming the social sciences and conflict resolution. Emily is 2017 recipients of ‘new voices’ of conflict resolution by the Association of Conflict Resolution. Currently, Emily teaches sociology at Kean University in New Jersey and Hudson County Community College and designs her syllabus with a focus on social justice. She has worked internationally in Peru designing and managing community projects to empower women and children.

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