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Emily Skinner, Ph.D.“I believe conflict resolution is a lifestyle and it is our goal to actively and consciously cultivate cultures for it to flourish.”

Emily Skinner is an experienced teacher, trainer, and consultant with experience in process and organizational development, employee coaching, leadership development, teaching and training, program management, and project design and development. She holds a B.A. in Modern Languages with a focus in Spanish and Portuguese from Rutgers University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution and Analysis from Nova Southeastern University. Her experience includes consulting, training, and conflict resolution coaching for private, non- profit, government, and higher education institutions. She specializes in designing training and intervention methods to connect the audience with theory and practice. She has worked abroad developing social programs for women and children in South America and is committed to developing and transforming the social sciences and the conflict resolution field. Emily is 2017 recipients of ‘new voices’ of conflict resolution by the Association of Conflict Resolution. Currently, Emily teaches sociology at Kean University in New Jersey and Hudson County Community College and designs her syllabus with a focus on social justice.

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“Emily views conflict resolution as a lifestyle and embodies that philosophy in everything that she does professionally, personally, and academically. Her ability to listen has the ability to support change and growth in any setting. I have worked alongside Emily and her poise, grace, and communication are something that every employer and person looks for in a teammate. She is resilient and at ease in conflict. Her emotional intelligence cultivates a space where people not only want to be, but a space where people thrive.”
– Doug Brookman, President, Public Solutions, Inc.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Emily in multiple capacities and can recommend with certainty that she is a valuable and competent professional. Together we have facilitated group trainings using an experiential learning model to enhance effectiveness in groups which included managing overt and covert individual and group dynamics, as well as addressing underlying issues such as power and authority, leadership, interpersonal effectiveness. She consistently provided the structure, planning, creativity, and excellent delivery of the ideas we created from scratch. In more than one instance I have seen her manage projects and ideas from inception through execution. Among many, one of Emily’s strengths is her analysis capabilities which allow her to perceive issues below the surface and to bring about the interventions that are actually needed. This strength was cultivated by years of simultaneous academic study and practice. Emily’s other strength is both cultivated and innate. She is a fantastic presenter and is so personable she can win over a new client or team member and do so authentically. From a hiring perspective, this is difficult if not impossible to train, and very valuable.”
– Katherine Sosa, Ph.D., Organizational Consultant, Memorial Healthcare System

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