conflict resolution expert Philadelphia“I seek to empower individuals and organizations to respond to conflict with strength, clarity, and ease. This way even the most challenging human interactions can become opportunities for growth, connection, and dialogue.”

Trained as a lawyer, Henry Yampolsky, is a mediator, facilitator, conflict coach, and trainer passionate about leading meaningful conversations which transform relationships. Henry has worked with hundreds of complex conflicts around the world and has taught mediation, conflict de-escalation, and negotiation skills to senior UN diplomats, members of the New York Police Department, and senior business and industry leaders. Henry has also lectured at the New York Peace Institute and at Columbia University School of Law. He is the co-creator of Dis-Solving Conflict from Within™, which is a mindfulness-based conflict coaching tool and is the author of original mediation training curriculum which incorporates the principles of mindfulness and Non-Violent Communications into a 40-hour facilitative mediation training. Licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Henry has extensive experience in labor and employment law and has been repeatedly recognized as one of the top lawyers in Pennsylvania. Henry is also a Master-Level Teacher of Sattva Yoga, trained in Rishikesh, India. Henry utilizes the deep wisdom of Yoga in his conflict resolution, consulting, and training work.

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Mediation/Coaching Testimonials

“Henry created a safe and respectful space for a difficult conversation among multiple parties. He is a master at letting people know that they have been heard. He also introduced processes, like the decision-making spectrum, which gave the participants a useful tool to learn and apply in the moment.”
– Sr. Madeleine Munday, Province Leader, Sisters of Good Shepherd

“The multi-party mediation process was thorough and allowed each party to openly express themselves, respond, understand, and learn from each other.”
– Kate McConnell, Marketing Executive, Pennsylvania State University; President of the Board of Directors, Good Shepherd Mediation Program

“I was going through a lot of turmoil, especially at work. Just one session with Henry made me feel so much at peace with myself and helped me to melt away my inner conflict. I still use the technique I learned from Henry every time I find myself again in a rut.”
– Herky Feroz, MBA

“Henry’s mindfulness approach to conflict resolution is a game-changer! His passion and dedication for nonviolent techniques allow the peace process to begin from within…and that changes everything.”
– Cyndee Rae Lutz, Author, Corporate Trainer, Yoga Teacher

“Henry showed me a truly new way to look at my emotions.”
– Kimberly Aqualina, Journalist and Editor

“Henry is amazing! If you have conflict in your life and want to release it, do a session with him – it will change your life! Thank you for bringing your gifts in this world!”
– Nicki Paulun, Parent Coach, Educator

“Henry is a true Master. His knowledge, patience & loving presence enabled me to easily gain clarity, release old emotions, and move into a place of bliss! Thank you, Henry”
– Joan Brizendine Wash

Training Testimonials

“Henry is a gifted teacher – wise, humble, humorous, and engaging. I can highly recommend Henry’s workshops and his broader conflict resolution expertise.”
– Kirraley Bowles, LLM; International Human Rights Lawyer, Diplomat; Legal Affairs Officer, The United Nations.

“I have learned valuable skills and insights. The ideas presented were eye opening.”
– Debra Wachspress; Congressional Candidate, Pennsylvania 1st Congrestional District; formerly Human Resources and Communications Professional

“Purposeful, authentic, and intentional strategies for real-world practitioners.”
– Dr. Gerry Fitzpatrick-Doria, Professor, School Administrator, Educational Leader

“It is my highest wish that everyone on the planet could take Henry’s training. I am convinced that when one understands that the first step in managing conflict is going ‘within’ we could create world peace. Truly, Henry’s approach is innovative and turns current paradigms of conflict resolution upside down. The content is invaluable in one’s relationship to Self, significant other, and work life. I look forward to honing my skills.”
– Christine E. Kiesinger, Ph.D.; Professor, Coach, Wellness Educator

“I am writing to let you know of the marvelous shift that has occured since participating in your workshop. I have had so many opportunities to practice dis-solving conflict and living with a peaceful and open heart. I have found my ‘sacred pause’ that seemed to have been missing. I feel a sense of space within from which I can pause, breathe, reflect, and let go. It is glorious and I am so grateful.”
– Julie Carmalt, Ph.D.; Academic

“This seminar made me see myself and my role as a human being in a whole new light. As a participant in the universe, not just my finite little world. I gained invaluable knowledge on how to remove conflict as something personal and to put it outside of myself in order to deal with it in a positive manner.”
– Kim Bucari, Business Owner

“Henry’s passion and commitment to truly transforming conflict resolution was reflected in every slide, every exercise, and every quite or story that he told during our training. It was his willingness to give to us fully that allowed us to do the same.”
– Danine Mueller, Certified Financial Planner and Retirement Consultant

“Henry’s training was thoughtful, thorough, and in depth. I learned an enormous amount.”
– Bella Schnall, Esquire; Familiy Lawyer, Mediator