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With almost two decades of managing and developing sales and business development teams, Jayson has become an expert in developing positive environments in offices. Prior to joining PPS, Jayson had success in sales leadership roles at ESN Global in Tel Aviv, Databank, Med-Aesthetic Solutions, and  Bambee HR. Jayson has managed and hired thousands of employees in his career as well as closed deals and partnerships with enterprise companies such as Amazon, Boeing, Facebook, and AT&T. His start wasn’t in sales and business, however. Jayson studied aerospace, commercial aviation, and communications at the University of North Dakota and also worked for a year in Security and Operations at Denver International Airport, de-escalating situations between different departments. Jayson also owned, operated, and developed his own company Unis-Swing in 2018 where he helped players get ready for games. At PPS, Jayson’s role as Sales Director is to get to know our prospective clients’ needs and offer custom solutions that will help bring greater peace and productivity to their organizations.
Jayson loves to spend time with his wife Mazal as well as his two dogs, Joy and Leah. He loves to travel, snowboard, coach sports, and play baseball. He resides in Los Angeles after living for over 10 years in Israel.

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