About Jeremy Pollack: Conflict Resolution Expert in Los Angeles

About Jeremy Pollack, Ph.D.

Photo of JeremyAs a conflict resolution expert in Los Angeles, Jeremy’s background in social and motivation psychology offers a uniquely informed perspective and methodology in conflict management processes. Jeremy holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Grand Canyon University as well as two Master’s degrees – one in Evolutionary Anthropology from California State University, Fullerton, and the other in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding (NCRP) from California State University, Dominguez Hills. He is currently a an adjunct professor of psychology at Arizona College and formerly a research associate at Stanford University, where he led research in social psychology and conflict resolution.

With his academic experience, coupled with a real-world, professional specialization in conflict resolution, Jeremy facilitates meaningful conversations and solutions for individuals and organizations in dispute. Whether it’s a small business or a multinational corporation, Jeremy helps to manage and resolve conflicts at various relational levels and under various contexts.

As a passionate conflict resolution expert in Los Angeles, Jeremy Pollack has hundreds of hours of training in mediation, negotiation, and peace and conflict psychology. To learn more about Jeremy Pollack, find his main BIO page HERE.


What is Conflict Resolution?

Conflict is a normal and natural element of social life. Couples argue over how to spend their finances; co-workers communicate poorly and misperceive each other’s intentions; groups find themselves in conflict with other groups. This is part of being human.

Thus, conflict is not necessarily a negative thing, as long as it is handled properly. Effective conflict resolution is the process of finding a viable solution to problems that help all parties feel their needs are met. And using a conflict resolution expert in Los Angeles is perhaps the most efficient and intelligent way of handling ongoing or system problems between individuals or groups.

While that’s the simplified version, the fact is there are many facets to conflict management that require immense social skills, understanding, and patience. A conflict resolution specialist assures the process goes smoothly so that each party involved can feel like they are being heard, understood, and cared for when finding a solution.

Conflict resolution can take place in a variety of settings. Some examples can include:

  • Family arguments
  • Parental Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • School Violence
  • Conflict between business partners or executives
  • Court Arbitration
  • Intercultural Conflict
  • Community Matters
  • Public Policy
  • Financial Disputes

Because people often have difficulty finding their way out of conflict, a mediator or conflict resolution consultant can become a crucial part of any dispute resolution process. For this reason, many individuals, organizations, and companies need qualified conflict resolution guidance.


What Does a Conflict Resolution Expert in Los Angeles Do?

The primary goal of a conflict resolution specialist is to find a solution to the situation that is agreeable to all parties involved. There are many ways to ensure a smooth process, but here are some of the essential elements a mediator may use.

Listening to Both Sides

A peace and conflict specialist must understand where each side is coming from to know how to proceed. If the mediator only knows one side of the dispute, it will be much harder to come to a productive resolution.

When talking to both sides, an effective mediator will try to get to the heart of the problem, understanding how each side feels, what they want to achieve, and what needs must be satisfied.

Meeting & Dialogue Facilitation

In most cases, a mediator has to bring both sides together to hash out the problem and find a meaningful resolution to which both parties can agree. Depending on the situation, however, this discussion can get heated, which is why it’s imperative for the mediator to help facilitate this interaction.

Using the information gleaned from individual meetings, the conflict resolution specialist can outline possible solutions and discuss any adjustments while keeping the peace. The goal is to make sure that both parties are not only satisfied but that future conflicts can hopefully be avoided.

If you need a conflict resolution expert in Los Angeles, contact Jeremy Pollack and the consultants at Pollack Peacebuilding. We are passionate about helping parties in conflict find mutually beneficial solutions.