Kisane Prutton, MSc - Conflict Resolution Expert, United Kingdom

Kisane Prutton“I strive to help people open up to another way of seeing things, another way of thinking – about themselves and others – another way of being and doing. I have many years on the clock and I hope that my experience, my expertise and my company shine enough light on the path ahead for people to find their inner wisdom and to make the best choices for all concerned.”

Kisane is a Chartered Psychologist (Occupational, British Psychological Society registered), Chartered Scientist (Science Council registered), accredited coach (Association for Coaching), qualified psychotherapist (BACP registered) and qualified mediator (CMC registered). She has been working with public and private sector businesses for over 20 years, assisting them to improve performance by focusing on the people. Kisane’s expertise spans a diverse range of industries including finance, insurance, media, education, the NHS, and safety-critical industries including manufacturing, construction, and utilities.

Specializing in conflict resolution, mediation, and conflict coaching, Kisane also provides executive coaching, change management support, and training. Kisane’s approach is to help people understand and address their underlying needs, in order to promote engagement and ultimately foster collaborative behaviors. Kisane’s conflict resolution work protects people and organizations from the legal, commercial, and human costs of conflict. Kisane is fully qualified in psychometric testing and licensed to use a number of instruments.

In addition to her consultancy work, Kisane is undertaking a part-time PhD in the psychology of peacebuilding. She is also a guest lecturer at a number of universities in the UK and a volunteer counselor for the National Health Service (NHS).

Kisane’s first career was in television, as a science and features producer/director for BBC TV, ITV, and Channel 4. She is interested in ethics in the media and maintains her journalism skills through her pro bono press office role with the British Psychological Society.

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“Kisane’s professionalism, dedication, knowledge and support through her coaching services have had a significant, positive impact upon my career. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kisane to any business looking for coaching services at all levels”.
 – Roger Moggs, Managing Director, Moggs Marketing Communications Ltd

“A genuine ‘people person’, a true listener, empathic and honest; intelligent, structured, able to coalesce information, build ‘meaning’, articulate; committed and motivated; available and accessible.

Kisane clearly has significant experience in coaching which was evident in the structure of our sessions. I felt that there was a natural empathy in her coaching style. Kisane is a true listener but moreover her ability to coalesce information and to build ‘meaning’ is unmistakable. She has an intuitive personality, ideally suited to this profession. Confidentiality and honesty were at the core of her guidance – I never felt that she would tell me something just because it was what I wanted to hear. Within this apparent imperative, there was warmth and friendliness that showed that the outcome was focussed on my best interests.

Kisane’s intelligence and ability to articulate scenarios ensured that she was always pushing the boundaries of my normal responses aiming to get me to face up to my own motivations, capabilities and expectations. Within this I sensed underlying dedication to achieving a specific change in my life. This wasn’t about appointments in the diary … this was a commitment to see this through to the right conclusion for me. I never felt that Kisane was ever imposing her personal values and beliefs on my situation, this was about looking at me for the person I was and for the person I wanted to be. At the end of each coaching session I definitely felt that I was seeing myself from a different perspective, which in some respects was challenging but clearly necessary if I was to change the direction that my career was heading at that time. Kisane always remained focussed on the end result and was prepared to ‘flex the strategy’ in order to ensure that progress was always being made.”
– David Priestley, then Regional Managing Director, Rolls Royce


“I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Kisane for a broad range of organisational projects and conflict-related services. Kisane has provided consulting services for my organisation over several years on a number of different projects and she has been an invaluable support and asset. She has a wide-ranging skill-set and the types of projects that she successfully delivered for my organisation reflect that – from conflict assessment, conflict coaching, dialogue facilitation, group process work, large group facilitation, leadership coaching, technical coaching, technical advice, development of organisational tools, frameworks and resources and direct psycho-social support. Her diverse academic and professional background ensure she has a very large “toolbox” that she can draw on and adapt to meet the specific needs of each project. I cannot understate how valuable it has been to benefit from her combination of a strong psychological background coupled with a long professional experience and theoretical knowledge of conflict.

Kisane is a highly-skilled, competent and confident facilitator and has managed to create positive openings for change even in the most difficult group dynamics. She works well across different cultural contexts and is able to build trust and confidence with different groups. She is sensitive to and understanding of different needs. She has worked well with very diverse groups and designed culturally-relevant workshops for Directors and Boards in the Middle-East and North Africa and more than 20 countries across Europe. Her contributions have significantly improved aspects of my organisation’s functioning and some of her contributions have been so valuable that they have become embedded systemically in our work and are used almost daily. She is a joy to work with, generous with her knowledge and skills and I and others in my organisation have learned and developed immeasurably through our work with Kisane.”
– Elizabeth Field, Senior Advisor on Organisational Development and Conflict Management, Amnesty International

“Kisane worked with me and our senior management team (predominantly family) to help resolve some long-standing conflicts with complicated nuances. Her approach to the brief extends beyond the delivery of just a simple project. She immerses herself in the details and relationships to ensure she can deliver the very best service to the project. Her commitment to the process, combined with her incredibly strong intuitive skills, where she had a tremendous blend of empathy as well as never being afraid to deal with the difficult subjects, helped us to move forward. Her great technical knowledge, and constant desire to look at new techniques, blended with simple common sense and great communication skills set her above all the other people we had looked at to help us with this project.”
– R Stuart Illingworth, Managing Director, Widdop Bingham & Co ltd


“I appointed Kisane to help resolve a number of tricky employment disputes I was involved in. Her professionalism, experience and technical discipline make her a safe pair of hands to send out to clients. Kisane was particularly impressive in disputes where one or both of the parties have issues they have been reluctant to address. In these cases – where no way out could be found – Kisane worked her ‘magic’ and helped the parties come together and avoid a costly and painful tribunal. Kisane has a great combination of practical common sense but also has great empathy with the people she deals with. I would recommend her to anyone who has a complex dispute involving hidden agendas, personality clashes and the like.”
– Jon Curtis, then Employment Law Partner, Ironmonger Curtis LLP lawyers for business

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