Natalie Davis – Research Writer

Natalie DavisNatalie Davis is an Executive Assistant at George Mason University, which is the largest public research university in Virginia. Her role as a C-level executive assistant has made her an expert in communication, public relations, administrative support, and customer service. She has successfully completed a certificate program for Mason Administrative Professionals (MAP) and has extensive knowledge of Higher Education field. Given her role in communicating across the university and with many internal and external members of the community, she has a particular interested in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. She focuses on positively building relationships within her organization and community, something she is extraordinarily passionate about; two of her top Strengthsfinder strengths reflect this – Positivity and Connectedness. One aspect of her current role is assisting in resolving conflict and concerns and is an area she quite enjoys. She looks forward to growing as a professional and continuing her education in the near future.

Natalie holds a BA in Integrative Studies, with a concentration in Organizational Administration, and a minor in Nonprofit Studies.

In the role of Research Writer for Pollack Peacebuilding, Natalie examines the latest dispute resolution research and applies it to both content distribution and PPS’ best practices.

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