conflict resolution expert Minneapolis st. paul“I am a passionate advocate for holistic wellness, starting at the foundation of our being to include relationships, reactions, and thoughts so that it permeates healthy functioning across the lifespan.”

Natalie has a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology with a Bachelor of Arts in Developmental Psychology. Over the last 12 years, she has worked with both children and adults struggling with mental health diagnoses, co-occurring illnesses, socioeconomic challenges, and trauma histories. Natalie has worked with individuals as a Behavior Specialist to develop healthy alternatives to combat maladaptive habits, interactions, and thoughts processes as well as family units to improve parenting skills, enhance communication, and provide person-centered practices into the entirety of the family dynamic. She has worked extensively within the special education system to assist teachers with repairing the relationship between teacher and student, teacher and parent, and administration and teachers. Natalie believes that investing in employees to build upon their strengths and engage in supportive skill-building promotes a culture of wellness within the workplace which can seep into family life as well as within the community.

Besides being a Behavior Specialist, Natalie is a certified Yoga instructor, mindfulness coach, prenatal and postpartum exercise design specialist, and motivational interviewer. She has taken several continuing education courses to maintain evidence-based practices, person-centered interventions and holistic wellness strategies to improve the lives of the individuals she works with. Natalie spends a majority of her time learning new skills, reading, teaching yoga/fitness classes, and spending time with her family in Minnesota.

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