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Dr. Ryan Jacobson is a results-driven, analytical, accomplished, and employee-centric organizational consultant with a Ph.D. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and a proven track record of success in applied projects and organizational functions. Areas of expertise include predictive hiring, team performance, employee selection, leadership assessment and development, strategic workforce planning, change management, succession planning, talent development, employment assessment, competency mapping, performance management, employee engagement, survey data, organizational culture, development of tests and assessments, and training and development initiatives that drive organizational efficiency, growth, and profit.

Dr. Jacobson has extensive experience and advanced knowledge of data analysis, survey and questionnaire implementation, assessment implementation, job analysis, structured interview development, project management, and assessment psychometrics. He provides organizations with comprehensive, reliable, and empirically-driven solutions and information to optimize human capital and drive organizational efficiency. Dr. Jacobson also has expertise and a deep interest in conducting, analyzing, and interpreting results of empirically driven talent analyses for business solutions. Lastly, he has extensive knowledge of project management, conflict resolution techniques, change management, team dynamics, communication skills, and employee-team interpersonal skills for effective interactions and collaborations with key stakeholders, executives, senior leaders, associates, direct reports, clients, and other parties.

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“As a Talent Development Expert and Change driver for multiple high-impact Human capital projects at our organization, Dr. Jacobson consistently delivered top data-driven performance and development results and demonstrated that he is a top strategic talent performance and competency development problem solver.”
President of site location, Backer Marathon

“During my close work with Dr. Jacobson, I observed him lead and successfully deliver top empirically-driven results and increased employee effectiveness across many talent initiatives revealing him to be a supremely dedicated, intelligent, and passionate talent management practitioner and workplace researcher.”
Asia Eaton, Ph.D.

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