Safa Harak – Learning Coordinator at Peaceful Leaders Academy

Safa serves as Learning Coordinator for Peaceful Leaders Academy, a leadership training program developed by Pollack Peacebuilding Systems. In this role, she guides our leader-learners through the certification program journey.

Safa is a peace educator & capacity-building specialist, with a background in building peace through non-formal education, process management, and individual and group development.

A co-founder of “Moyasereen El Salam” initiative for promoting a culture of peace, Safa also co-founded & organizes the “peace lab”, which is a long-term learning program for facilitators & peacebuilders.

Safa is also a certified trainer by “Goethe institute” in civic & gender education using a participatory approach, a member of the international pool of trainers of MitOst organization (Theodor-Heuss Kolleg program for active citizenship), and an alumni of the “Young Women in Peacebuilding” program.

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