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Sara Jeckovich“I see conflicts as catalysts for change and I’m passionate about helping others find the positive growth that conflicts have the potential to bring, through constructive dialogue and transforming our viewpoints.”

Sara holds a Master of Arts degree in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation from the School for International Training Graduate Institute. Sara is conversationally fluent in Spanish, trained in Trauma-Informed Care, Therapeutic-Crisis Interventions, and Mediation. Sara has worked extensively with vulnerable youth in upstate New York as a Life Skills Trainer, using coaching techniques and empathy as her strengths in connecting with clients and assisting them in transforming insecurities and building resilience. Sara also has experience working with refugees and immigrants, in various capacities in New York and Arizona. As an ESL/Job Readiness Instructor, she has helped to enhance cultural knowledge and economic sustainability within her students. With Case Management experience working with Survivors of Torture and Victims of Human Trafficking, Sara has helped to build resilience, reconciliation, and acculturation strategies within her clients. Through her dedication to enhancing practical methods of building peace, Sara has designed and implemented programs and training curricula for conflict parties and vulnerable populations. She has led various community efforts in assisting local businesses with helping hands and building ongoing collaboration platforms between local and international non-profits that are working towards a common goal.

Dedicated to service and increasing public morality, Sara has always been an avid volunteer across the various communities in which she has lived. As a youth mentor and ESL/Civics tutor, her experience working across cultural differences has enhanced her listening skills, cultural sensitivity, and transformational methods of conflict resolution.

Sara is full of passion, with a curious heart that pushes her to travel and learn consciously. She is an engaged activist for the environment and peace efforts at home and around the world. With a creative spirit and analytical mind, Sara brings a unique experience to conflict resolution, seeking to help individuals build empathy and mutual understanding through expanding their lenses.

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