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Toni Hawkins, M.P.H.Mediation and coaching are ‘those things I would do for free…’ and sometimes I do!

Since 2011, Toni has served as a conflict coach for various organizations and a volunteer mediator for the Madison County Alabama Courts system. She is one of very few mediators to meet the requirements for membership on Alabama’s State Court Mediator Roster, Tennessee’s Rule 31 Mediator Roster and the State of Georgia’s Neutral roster. Toni’s educational, professional, and personal experiences have established a firm foundation for her as a coach and mediator. Her skillset and natural disposition as a peacemaker help Toni view conflicts as opportunities and strengthening mechanisms for personal, relational, and organizational growth. Her role in helping parties work through their conflicts is not only beneficial for the presenting issue but also gives the parties tools to use in the progression of that relationship.

One of the things Toni enjoys in her spare time is solving 3-Dimensional Sudoku puzzles. At first glance, they can seem overwhelming because you do not know where or how to begin, but if you are patient, calm, motivated, open to seeing the big picture and flexible enough to let the puzzle guide you, the patterns begin to reveal themselves. You may have to change directions or strategies in the process, but as long as there is movement, there is progress. Some parts may be easier to work through than others, but for resolution, you have to solve the entire puzzle. Toni views and approaches conflicts in much the same way. Sometimes, the solutions seem obvious, but there are generally alternatives, varying perspectives, and oftentimes undiscovered motivations. No matter how challenging or seemingly impossible, emotional or contentious the dispute may seem at presentation, Toni believes in the process and welcomes the challenge!

Toni loves navigating parties through the puzzles of conflict! She has experience mediating workplace conflict, healthcare industry conflicts, probate matters, family conflict, personal partnerships, landlord-tenant, elder conflict matters, and business/contracts conflicts. She will mediate almost anywhere! Toni earned a BS in Psychology from Jackson State University, received graduate-level education in Clinical Psychology from Louisiana State University, and earned an MPH in Health Systems Management from Tulane University.

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