Vennela Vellanki - Client Services Coordinator for Peaceful Leaders Academy - Pollack Peacebuilding Systems

Vennela serves as Client Services Coordinator for Peaceful Leaders Academy, a leadership training program developed by Pollack Peacebuilding Systems. In this role, she guides prospective companies and leader-learners through the client onboarding process.

Vennela is currently a graduate student at Columbia University, completing her Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. She received a B.A. in Public Policy with a concentration on mass incarceration and a Minor in writing from the University of Michigan.

While Vennela’s interests span policy, education, and conflict resolution, she is most passionate about helping people grow. In her free time, Vennela enjoys exploring great foods, writing quirky poetry, and reflecting on existential questions about people, life, and the universe. You can follow her reflections and writings on her Instagram account: @glowandgrowwithv.

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