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Veronica BanuelosVeronica is a bilingual / bicultural Chicana focused on Wholistic Organizational Development and Intercultural Communications. As an executive coach, mediator, and trainer, she spends her energy supporting people and organizations to move closer to their missions and each other through supportive communication and relationship building. Her professional studies are a reflection of both her personal interests and life purpose. Her undergraduate degree work in Human Development provided the foundation of theories and practices of communications, interpersonal skills, psychology, and sociology. Veronica’s Master’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from Warner Pacific University informed her leadership theory of development, operations, and dynamics of an organization, which is also supported by her Certificate of Financial Success for Nonprofits from Cornell University in 2018.

Veronica is certified through National Board Source Org in Nonprofit Board Consulting. She is a trained and highly skilled conflict resolution practitioner and mediator. Veronica is also a trained Spiritual Director through the Urban Spirituality Center in NW Portland. She is a trained practitioner of organizational constellations and uses this knowledge in her work. These practices ground her wholistic personal approach to values of social justice and love with a commitment to service and healing in the world.

Veronica is a relationship-based leader who understands that trust is built on positive experiences. Through the all-important practice of caring for relationships and connections, she brings people together in partnerships to move closer towards common goals. As a natural asset-based leader, influencer, organizer, and communicator, she knows the importance of truly listening for understanding.

Veronica was invited by Meyer Memorial Trust Foundation to present at the MMT Housing Equity Summit, Summer of 2019 on her approach to assessment in equity work.

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