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This week’s peacebuilding tip is about how to take the other’s position in conflict.

This strategy is a cognitive exercise when you are trying to make peace with someone who has a different perspective than you. First, be very clear on what you are trying to convey or how you are positioning yourself. After understanding yourself, you can make an effort to understand the other perspective.

When considering another person’s perspective, think about how they would argue their point and what beliefs they hold that influence this argument. This tip video gives a great example of a conversation between two arguing over vaccine mandates and if they should be implemented. In this situation, fear drives both sides, so trying to understand how the other feels by taking their position is a great way to understand their argument. By taking the time to understand one another, compromise, or at least some sense of peace, seems possible.

Ultimately, taking the other’s position allows for greater understanding of the other when in conflict and can bring more peace into your life.

Jeremy Pollack

Jeremy Pollack is the Founder and CEO of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems.

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