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Summary of:

Rauleder, R. (2020). Solution-focused short-term coaching. 1-7.

Background & Theory

This article goes over a real life scenario of when workplace conflict that had built up over a prolonged period of time needed to be aided by a third party conflict coach. The purpose of the case study was to inform people, who are curious about coaching, on how to go through the process and how to set up the narrative and rhetoric.

Research Question(s)

In this article, the following was investigated:

    1. How can coaching impact the participant and workplace?


The coach had a sit-down conversation with the employee and asked questions regarding their work experience and how it has changed. The coach also asked scale based questions on the employee’s level of satisfaction at work and what the employee thought they could also work on to repair their relationship with their manager.


The coach found that the employee was having trouble finding the time looping in their co-workers on their latest projects and knew that that was causing a divide between the team and making the manager frustrated. The coach discussed a plan that the employee could work on, like setting up a meeting to loop in their co-workers to create a sense of cohesion and teamwork while also living up to the manager’s expectations.

What This Means

  • Setting up a space for people to recount their experience creates a path for resolution. When space is created for employees to communicate the issues they have at work, the opportunity to resolve these problems presents itself.
  • Positive reinforcement from management is key to a healthy work environment. Rather than utilizing discipline for all mistakes, directing employees respectfully towards healthy and effective workplace behaviors can truly lead to positive workplace change.

Final Takeaway

For consultants: When faced with employee conflict, finding a third party resource to aid in the situation provides a non-biased opinion to help guide those who are in conflict and help all parties be seen and heard in a fair manner.

For everyone: When having an issue at work, finding the resources to help respectfully express your dissatisfaction can provide an avenue to regaining a positive working environment.

Elise Sanchez

Élise Sanchez is a double alumnus from Pepperdine University where she holds a Masters in Dispute Resolution from the Caruso School of Law and a Bachelors in both International Relations and French from Seaver College. During her time in her studies she found her passion for being an advocate for those who need help amplifying their voices. After finishing her International Relations degree, she decided to go on for her MDR to learn how to be a better advocate and peacekeeper.

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