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Summary of: Kubíček, A. and Machek, O. “Intrafamily conflicts in family businesses: A systematic review of the literature and agenda for future research” (2020). Family Business Review. Background & Theory: Research in the field of family business conflicts is surprisingly uncommon, considering the large range of disagreements that can occur within family businesses. Disagreements such...


Conflict with family members is common due to the nature of these types of relationships, and yet solving family conflict is not necessarily something we’re taught to do. In school, we learn math, biology, literature, and history but we don’t typically get the opportunity to learn about our emotions and how to communicate them effectively....


Summary of: Uwaezuoke, I.N., & Owolabi, M.K. (2019). Challenges and Opportunities of Resolving Land Use Conflicts Through Mediation in Nigeria. The Proceedings of International Conference of Environmental Sciences, 264-271. Background & Theory: In Nigeria, what on the surface look like cultural disputes are often land disputes between villages, neighborhoods, or households. With land becoming an...


The varieties and types of family conflicts span a wide range of potential disputes we see in various settings of modern life. Of course, there are numerous reasons a married couple may regularly argue, but reasons couples fight must be an entirely different (and lengthy) article. Hence, this article focuses on the most common family...


Any group of individuals in any sort of setting who are attempting to cooperate in some fashion are sure to run into conflict from time to time. And family members, of course, are no exception. In fact, some of the most heated, emotional, long-standing, and painful disputes arise from family conflict. That’s probably because families...


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