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October 16, 2020by Vanessa Rose

Diversity training in the workplace is an important way to ensure your organization is operating in a functionally inclusive way, cultivating a productive and happy workplace, and avoiding issues of discrimination.

What is Diversity Training in the Workplace?

To create a team that’s trained in diversity and inclusion, you want to utilize a resource that understands the complexities of the differences between us as well as the value of them. Here are some ways that diversity training in the workplace can help expand ideas, communication, and possibilities within your organization.

Celebrating Unique Perspectives

Diversity and inclusion training can amplify the organizational benefits of a collaborative environment made up of different perspectives and experiences. Whether the differences rest in race, gender, culture, beliefs, or ideas, diversity inclusion can inspire innovation and even further improve the company culture, taking morale and productivity to new levels.

Managing Implicit Biases

We all have implicit biases about any number of things. What’s important is not to judge those biases but rather be honest with yourself about them and use that awareness to cultivate better conscious choices. Diversity training in the workplace can help you and your team identify those biases and recognize how they’re impacting your ability to collaborate in-house as well as serve customers with the right service.

Workplace Sensitivity

Diversity isn’t enough on its own. It must be followed by inclusion, which is to say that an organization ought to foster any necessary culture changes in order to ensure all employees regardless of background are considered, respected, rewarded, and included. Inclusive thinking and action is one result of diversity training, which addresses the sensitivity with which leadership, as well as privileged employees, can be more educated, just, and understanding which can prevent discrimination and harassment issues.

Safety for All Employees

Diversity and inclusion training asks every member of a company to contribute to the safety of all other members of a company, regardless of differences. This can cultivate a culture of safety and support which improves productivity, innovation, and even profit. It’s important for employers to never lose sight of the need for a safe work environment, not only for the financial benefits but because your employees make your company succeed. Not taking care of them in this way and failing to cultivate an environment of inclusion can read as a misuse of your power as an employer.

Conflict Prevention

Because diversity and inclusion use sensitivity, communication, and understanding to create safety, chances are your organization will experience a decrease in conflict. Harassment and discrimination issues are common in diverse organizations that don’t train their leadership and employees properly. Any abuses inflicted upon an employee for their gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, ability, or background can easily escalate into a discrimination issue which will indicate an unsafe work environment and can cost the organization big. Conflict prevention is the best way to manage conflict and diversity training in the workplace in a proactive way.

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