Conflict in the workplace can create a tense and uncomfortable working environment which can trigger absenteeism or decreased productivity. Disputes that aren’t dealt with promptly can quickly escalate, so they must be addressed, whether they involve a disagreement over work or are based on personality differences. Where can you get help with a conflict at work? Pollack Peacebuilding is here to help! We’re the largest workplace conflict management firm in the U.S., with practitioners all around the country. In addition to hiring experts like us, though, below are a few more ideas about how to get help resolving a workplace conflict.

Free Consultation for Workplace Conflict

Expert Conflict Management Consultants

There are times when conflict may have escalated seemingly to a point of no return, and the best way to get past it is by involving an impartial third party rather than allowing things to continually spiral out of control. The expert conflict management consultants at Pollack Peacebuilding are highly experienced and trained in rebuilding work relationships through mediation, organizational training, coaching, and intervention. Working with expert conflict management consultants is a way of re-establishing peace and rebuilding trust and communication, whether the conflict is between two individuals or different teams.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching provides a way to understand and manage controversy as well as improve communication skills. Pollack Peacebuilding offers conflict coaching as either one-on-one coaching or team and group coaching, both done primarily through live video conferencing. This is beneficial to executives and employees alike and can help to boost productivity for the benefit of the company. Conflict coaching can also provide the training needed to help prevent future conflict. Pollack Peacebuilding offers custom interactive conflict resolution training workshops for organizations and teams to learn important skills for de-escalation and peacebuilding.

HR Department

The human resources department of your organization may serve as a mediator when there’s a conflict between staff members that’s creating hostility and tension. Their job isn’t to take sides but to allow staff members to each express their feelings and to work together to brainstorm solutions. When the HR department doesn’t have the time or the training to provide the needed conflict resolution, it may be time to seek outside help from expert conflict management consultants.

YouTube Videos

Before hiring outside help, your organization may wish to explore all avenues for a solution. YouTube provides informative videos on a wide variety of topics, including workplace conflict, and you may find that the different perspectives provided give you some ideas that didn’t come up during brainstorming. Take the time to view some videos to learn tips and strategies for dealing with workplace conflict and share those that offer the most helpful suggestions with the staff members who are experiencing conflict.

Conflict Resolution Playbook

For help developing the skills needed to prevent, manage and resolve conflict, check out Conflict Resolution Playbook by Jeremy Pollack, the founder of Pollack Peacebuilding. It includes real-life solutions to everyday problems, which include learning about conflict and the communication skills needed for resolution. Information on dealing with specific issues such as bullying and gaslighting is also discussed. This book is a good place to turn when you’re trying to get help with a workplace conflict, and it will help you develop the skills you need to navigate your way through any dispute.

Where Do I Get Help With a Work Conflict?

Workplace conflict can create stress that may affect the health of staff members and can damage the organization’s culture. It’s not something that can be ignored or allowed to intensify. If you’re wondering how to get help dealing with a workplace conflict, reach out to Pollack Peacebuilding. With the help of a diverse team of peacebuilding experts with different academic training, backgrounds and professional experiences, your team can get past differences and begin building the tools for lasting peace. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding today.

Valerie Dansereau

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