The 10 Happiest Places to Work: Fortune’s 2017 List

November 10, 2017by jeremy

What makes a happy workplace? Certainly, some of it has to do with the mindset of the employees. Of course, there is also a lot that employers can do to help their employees be happy at work. From generous benefits packages to investing in professional development, the companies with the highest degree of worker satisfaction all have in common that they make their employees feel valued. If you want to increase your employees’ satisfaction, a good place to start is by sponsoring ongoing professional training for them. This training could be for industry-specific skills, or it could be for more general professional skills like productivity and conflict resolution. Of course, you could also follow the example of companies where employees consistently find their work environment conducive to happiness.

Fortune’s Criteria for a Happy Workplace

Every year, Fortune publishes a list of 100 companies where employees report exceptionally high levels of workplace satisfaction. Fortune gathers the data by surveying random samples of employees from thousands of companies. In 2017, more than 200,000 employees participated in the survey. Some questions relate to employees’ assessment of the companies’ leadership. Other questions are about work-life balance and interpersonal relationships at work, which are widely recognized as contributing to a happy workplace.

The 10 Happiest Workplaces, According to Fortune

Here are this year’s highest-ranking companies, and why workers rate each company as a happy workplace.

  1. Google – Google helps employees be happy at work by listening and responding to their concerns. Its newly improved parental leave policies have improved employee retention. The company consistently seeks input from employees about what makes the workplace “safe and inclusive.”
  2. Wegman Food Markets – Although it is now a big chain, the company still feels like a friendly neighborhood family business. For example, the company provides a birthday party, with cake, for every employee’s birthday.
  3. The Boston Consulting Group – The $5 insurance co-pays stand out as a generous benefit, but they are just the beginning. Boston Consulting Group is also very flexible about sabbaticals and telecommuting options.
  4. Baird – Baird makes a point of defying the stereotype about investment firms and their employees being belligerent. It also makes it easy for employees to be shareholders in the company, and more than half of the current employees have accepted this offer.
  5. Edward Jones – The company offers every full-time employee 100 hours of paid training per year and is generous with promotions.
  6. Genentech – Celebrating the company’s success, and acknowledging every employee’s role in it, is the secret to Genentech’s high workplace happiness rating.
  7. Ultimate Software – The company offers employees shares of its stock, starting on their first day of work.
  8. Salesforce – This technology company thrives on its family-like atmosphere and commitment to philanthropic causes.
  9. Acuity – Employees here look and feel more like they are attending a Midwestern county fair than selling insurance.
  10. Quicken Loans – Basketball and hoverboards are part of a normal workday at Quicken Loans.

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