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May 29, 2020by Vanessa Rose

So you’re a team manager or you’re hoping to climb the corporate ladder by flexing your leadership skills. One way to show you’re responsible for running a team is to demonstrate effective conflict resolution skills. If you’re asking yourself: how do you solve conflict in the workplace effectively while maintaining professional boundaries, we have some ideas for you.

How Do You Solve Conflict in the Workplace

If you’re in the middle of two disputing colleagues and you’re wanting to use this opportunity to quell the tension while also demonstrating your leadership skills, there are a few things you can do. Workplace drama can leave anyone wondering: how do you solve conflict in the workplace if you’ve never been in charge of a team before. Here are some ways you can gain a conflict resolution education:

Business School

Business school is an obvious source of developed leadership skills and it teaches you how to implement them in the workplace. Classes that focus specifically on human relations or management can offer opportunities to learn how to process conflict in the workplace. This type of conflict resolution training will be packed with other types of knowledge and leadership development which can give you a wide range of skills to pull from when conflict arises in your workplace. Check ahead and read the syllabus before registering for classes if resolving conflict is your priority as there is much to learn about business school. Every class may not have what you’re looking for, so choose wisely.

Online Courses

How do you solve conflict in the workplace? You can always ask Google. A quick search for online or local classes specific to conflict management may give you just what you’re looking for. It will be extra helpful to seek out an educator who has real-time training and experience managing conflict in work environments, as specific parameters around professionalism and politics at work should be included in the lesson. Conflict resolution at work requires a specific balance of directness and care that many other forms of conflict resolution don’t require.

On the Job Training with a Mentor

If you’re lucky enough to have a mentor at your place of employment, you can always consult them for ways of resolving conflict in an organization. Hopefully, your mentor will be removed enough from the situation that they can offer objective opinions while also understanding the nuances and complexities of your task. Applying conflict resolution skills in real-time and assessing their impacts with the help of someone more seasoned can be a good way to learn, albeit a little riskier than some other options.

Hire Professionals for In-House Training

Another way to improve your leadership skills with regard to conflict resolution is to call in the experts to provide in-house training for you and your staff. Benefits of this include spreading the knowledge to your colleagues so that the overall work environment can experience a decrease in overall ineffectiveness that could eventually lead to conflict. This can absolutely raise your level of professionalism and put you on the map for leadership skills. Conflict resolution training workshops can provide you with an expert with real-time experience in the field so you’ll know you’re trying tested and approved ways of resolving conflict in an organization.

Mediating workplace conflict doesn’t have to be scary. Get support from neutral and experienced professionals who can teach you and your teammates the best way to maintain a peaceful work environment. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today to get the right solutions for your team.

How Do You Solve Conflict in the Workplace

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