In a perfect world, a disagreement would be worked out quickly and easily between the parties involved and to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and, sometimes, you simply can’t come to a satisfactory arrangement. Many people think about going to court if they or their business is in some sort of dispute. After all, a judge can theoretically hear both sides and dole out the fairest ruling. Before you call a lawyer, however, you should consider hiring a mediation specialist. Arizona is home to Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution, a branch of the national association and a hub for mediation in Phoenix. Whether you are facing an interpersonal impasse with a loved one or family member, or a business dispute, Phoenix, Arizona mediators can help. Here are 4 benefits to using Arizona mediation services.

1. Mediation in Phoenix Saves You Time

Whether you need Phoenix mediation services or an Arizona mediator in a different part of the state, you’ll save the time that you’d otherwise spend in court. The court system is overwhelmingly busy since people and businesses constantly file lawsuits against one another. Going to court means hiring a lawyer and waiting for your court date before your case can even be heard in front of a judge. Then, you’ll need to wait for the case to play out in court, which can take anywhere from several months to several years. Meanwhile, hiring a mediator involves only the time it takes to find the Phoenix mediator, set a date, and hopefully come to an agreement.

2. Mediation in Phoenix Save You Money

Hiring a lawyer and paying court fees can quickly get expensive…even exorbitant. Lawyers of course charge by the hour and there is no guarantee that your case will be resolved efficiently. Meanwhile, if you use Arizona mediation services, you’ll only be paying the mediator’s hourly fee, which can be anywhere from a half-day to a few days, depending on the nature of the conflict and the number of parties involved. Either way, mediation in Phoenix is incredibly more affordable than traditional adjudication.

3. Mediation in Phoenix Gives You Control

Once you start a court case, you essentially give up control of the situation to the lawyers and the court system. You won’t be able to set the rules, nor will you be able to set the timing of the case. In the end, you may not be satisfied with the decision, especially if the other party happens to hire a better lawyer or the judge sides with them. Meanwhile, a Phoenix mediation specialist gives both parties an equal measure of control. The goal of mediation is to reach a solution that is mutually satisfactory. Because the mediator works with both parties, you can be sure that there are no backroom deals or secret meetings. You can also schedule the Phoenix mediation procedure at a time that works for both parties. In this way, mediation works with your schedule, rather than at the court’s whim.

4. Mediation in Phoenix Gives A Fresh Perspective

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Phoenix mediation specialist is a fresh perspective. Hearing the other side of the argument from an outside, neutral expert can help bypass the bias that you have towards the person, business, or situation. The mediator can also ensure that the other party understands your needs. Once you go to court, the primary official conversation will be held between your lawyers, who are more interested in winning than compromise. A conflict resolution specialist, on the other hand, will look to help all parties. A mediator may come up with options that neither you nor the other party had thought of, and sometimes those options may be the perfect solution to the problem.

While some disputes are worth taking to court, many can be successfully solved with the help of a skilled conflict resolution specialist. If you are facing a personal or business dispute in Arizona, consider mediation in Phoenix or elsewhere in the state. Arizona conflict resolution can save time and money while resulting in the best possible outcome. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today for help with your conflict.

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