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December 16, 2020by Noah Shaw

Summary of:

DeRose, P. (2020). An empirical analysis on improving organizational efficiency through conflict resolution and management. Contemporary Journal of Management, 1(1), 26-40.

Background & Theory:

A long history of research has shown the benefits conflict management can bring to organizations. In fact, many studies purport that conflict management strategies can improve overall organizational performance. This study examines the use of conflict management at a Nigerian company and elicits recommendations applicable to any organization on workplace conflict management.


Research was conducted by Protasio DeRose to answer the following questions:

    1. Does conflict management aid organizational effectiveness at Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd. in Nigeria?
    2. Is conflict effectively managed at Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd. in Nigeria?


A total of 80 staff members at Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company participated in this study. These participants filled out a questionnaire related to the management of conflict at their company, indicating their level of agreement with the following statements:

  • Conflict management aids effective running of business in Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd.
  • There exists proper channels through which workers can air their grievances if any
  • Conflict is effectively managed in the organization
  • When problems arise in the organization, management usually adopt dialogue as a means of finding solutions to the problem

The questionnaire data were tested via a Chi-square test and analyzed in SPSS.


Results of the questionnaire found that conflict management indeed aided organizational effectiveness at Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd. in Nigeria. Additionally, employees collectively agreed that conflict was effectively managed at their company.

Regardless of the results, the author gave a list of recommendations for Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd. based heavily on the findings of past research. First, they recommended management adopt conflict management strategies to improve organizational performance. The definition of organizational performance adopted by this study includes seven categories: effectiveness, efficiency, cost, quality, timeliness, innovation, and productivity. The author implies through their recommendation that conflict management strategies can indirectly and directly help each of these categories.

Second, the author suggested management implement a free flow of communication across all levels of the organization. This is similar to another recommendation made by the author: that constant dialogue be implemented between management and employees to ensure easy issue and idea exchange. In the author’s statement of the problem, they explained that lack of communication can lead to interpersonal conflict at work. Recommending a free flow method of communication could be interpreted as a workplace conflict prevention mechanism, helpful for any company experiencing conflict stemming from miscommunication.

Additionally, they encouraged staff to form interpersonal relationships with each other, as doing so can raise morale. This relates indirectly to organizational performance, as past studies have shown that interpersonal conflict management improves quality of customer service.

What We Can Learn:

Looking over this research, we can take away the following key insight:

  • Even in seemingly healthy workplace environments, it is important to establish healthy conflict management and conflict prevention mechanisms. This can include but is not limited to formal conflict management strategy adoption by leadership, keeping open channels of communication, and encouraging interpersonal relationship formation.

Final Takeaways

For Consultants: When implemented, conflict management and prevention strategies can help raise organizational performance and effectiveness. This can be incredibly helpful when working with leadership members who have the ability to set these strategies into the systems and policies of their organization.

For Everyone: Learning interpersonal conflict management strategies can be helpful to mitigate your own workplace conflicts and maximize work enjoyment. Check out more conflict management tips here.

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