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Summary of:

Kaur, N., & Arora, P. (2020). Acknowledging gender diversity and inclusion as key to organizational growth: A review and trends. Journal of Critical Reviews, 7(6), 125-131. DOI:

Background & Theory

This article evaluated the importance of gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and highlighted the ways that this benefits organizations, and provided reasons why companies need to embrace supporting policies and an inclusive atmosphere (especially if they are not doing so already).

Research Questions

Kaur and Arora, in “Acknowledging gender diversity and inclusion as key to organizational growth: A review and trends” (2020), seek to address the following questions:

    1. What is the value of gender diversity and inclusion in organizations?
    2. What are the outcomes for those who implement gender diversity and inclusion?


The authors primarily conducted a theoretical review of the available literature and research regarding gender diversity and inclusion. They provided an overview of diversity and inclusion and the overall benefits it has to organizations, why gender diversity and inclusion specifically is of value to organizations, a table of organizations and their reasons for and results of implementing gender diversity and inclusion, where around the world there are gaps in achieving gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace (and where Indian organizations fall into this), and the reasons why gender diversity and inclusion should rank as a top priority for organizations. They then provided a summary of the critical highlights from the research found.


Diversity and inclusion of all kinds is necessary for a more innovative and productive organization, and this is true for gender diversity and inclusion, as well. Gender diversity and inclusion are shown to greatly enhance an organization in a myriad of ways, including their innovation, productivity, profits, and performance. Additionally, it’s becoming crucial for organizations to have a strong commitment to gender diversity and inclusion to attain a competitive pool of candidates and employees. There are some gaps around the world where gender diversity and inclusion is not yet a top priority, but the world is shifting in a way that is making this a high priority item, and for the good reason of creating even better businesses.

What This Means

  • Gender diversity and inclusion is of utmost importance to organizations, as it creates many benefits for the organization and is trending across the world as a focus of social justice.
  • The research shows that gender diversity and inclusion matters to employees when searching for a workplace, and thus also allows for organizations to achieve a competitive candidate pool, which inherently is good for the organization.
  • Diversity and inclusion is important for all areas, but this is one specific way organizations can take a step in the right direction. Discovering the ways to encourage and implement true gender diversity and inclusion is really critical for organizations to understand.

Final Takeaway

For consultants: Having a good understanding of gender diversity and inclusion and how it can be implemented will be beneficial, especially as this is still an issue in many workplaces that needs to be addressed and causes conflict.

For everyone: If you have the ability to, look for workplaces that engage in diversity and inclusion practices, especially as it indicates that whatever differences you all might have, you are accepted and welcomed, which is a positive for anywhere you are.

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