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August 13, 2017by jeremy

Anyone who’s tried to settle a dispute in court knows it can be a long, hard, expensive way to bring about resolution. Extensive, drawn-out trials and litigation don’t always provide a satisfactory end result, even for the “winning” party. Aside from time wasted time and resources involved in court trials, reputations can be tarnished and relationships may be broken for good. So, how do you resolve a dispute the “easy way”? Whether your disagreement seems petty or substantial, mediation in ADR (alternative dispute resolution) may be the least painful route to take.

Resolve a Dispute Through Neutral Mediation in ADR

The number of lawsuits in the U.S. is increasing, which is unfortunate because many court disputes are avoidable. Instead of turning straight to litigation to resolve new conflicts or disagreements that have been going on for some time, you can find a win-win solution with ADR.

During court trials, it’s possible for both sides to come out damaged. Many embattled parties don’t think about this. Before leaving your personal or corporate future in the hands of a judge or jury, consider all the costs of a court dispute and why it may be more important to find neutral ground in an alternative setting.

Avoid Monetary and Other Litigation Costs with ADR

In the United States, companies pay more than $20 billion each year to litigation lawyers. This is an alarming statistic, and it’s only one easily measurable price corporations pay for letting the courts decide their fates. While at first a court trial may seem like the only way to resolve a dispute, it may soon prove to be the most difficult route to settlement.

Mediation in ADR allows parties in a dispute to avoid the nitpicking and over-exaggeration often on display by litigation attorneys. It instead works to resolve disputes by engaging a professionally trained mediator, with a neutral position, to help the parties reach a solution with which both are satisfied. A mediator facilitates settlement through non-aggressive and non-adversarial techniques, which hopefully offer an acceptable solution for all involved and make it possible for a mutually beneficial relationship to transform going forward.

Pollack Peacebuilding offers mediation in ADR and a variety of services for resolving disputes in personal and corporate environments. Contact us to learn more and to let us know about your unique conflict.


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