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January 7, 2020by Emma Hartman

In Scotland, an electrical trade association called Select has signed a pledge stating they will focus their efforts on addressing conflicts before they escalate. 

What’s the Pledge?

The Conflict Avoidance Pledge (CAP) was brought into existence by various professional organizations in the United Kingdom. Over 100 companies and organizations in the construction and engineering sectors have agreed to sign the pledge. 

The CAP group has created a program that instructs management on conflict avoidance and resolution best practices and assists with implementing the conflict resolution strategies of CAP. The people at CAP are currently working on how to better inform upper-level management within organizations about the benefits of implementing conflict avoidance and resolution strategies. 

Benefits of CAP

The managing director of Select, Alan Wilson, states: “Disputes in the construction industry cost billions of pounds, cause immeasurable harm to business relationships and reputations, and are extremely slow and difficult to resolve,” explained Wilson. “Such problems mean that projects are frequently delivered behind schedule and over budget, which adds further strain to an already stressful industry” (“Scottish electrical trade” 2019). 

Even the smallest conflicts in the workplace can lead to increased levels of stress and decreased levels of employee satisfaction and production. There is no conflict too small to face directly, especially because tension within conflicts sometimes increases as time goes on and the conflict is ignored.

If conflicts continue to boil over within a company culture, it can turn into a hotbed for discriminatory actions and policies. In the absolute worst-case scenarios, seriously negative actions can take place, creating conflicts that can turn into million-dollar lawsuits.

Conflict Tips

Luckily, there are many steps in the right direction that companies can take before things go from less-than-ideal to very bad. Management (and employees) can learn and apply conflict resolution strategies, like the organizations pledging to CAP, which can lead to a more supportive and positive company culture. 

Contacting professionals who specialize in conflict resolution and peacebuilding practices is always a good bet for either brushing up on your skills to avoid conflicts or addressing conflicts that are already occurring. 

Scottish Electrical Trade Association Commits to Reducing Conflict Through Conflict Avoidance Pledge

Emma Hartman

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