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Summary of:

Impact of a Teamwork and Conflict Management Workshop on Growth Mindset and Team Communication 

Bradley, C. (2021, February). Impact of Teamwork and Conflict Management Workshop on Growth Mindset and Team Communication. Retrieved April 8, 2022, from Impact of a Teamwork and Conflict Management Workshop on Growth Mindset and Team Communication (2021)

Background & Theory

This study correlates to how training workshops around conflict management are crucial for leaders to create a positive company culture. This article focuses on determining the impact of teamwork workshops on growth mindsets and enhancing team communication. By giving employees and leaders resources through continuous workshops the studies show how impactful productivity becomes within the team, as well as innovation. In learning about ourselves and others, the study shows that we can continue to adapt and learn new methodologies to apply in the workplace to deepen trust and inclusion.

Research Question(s)

  • What kind of workshops enhance team communication?
  • How does our view of ourselves impact our communication with our team?


Growth Mindset & Team Communication

Through the research, early intervention training around obtaining a growth mindset and enhancing team communication is a crucial way to deepen trust across the team. The groups that did undergo such training were able to communicate more effectively, which ultimately creates higher innovation, accountability, and productivity within the team. The ones that did not undergo these workshops had a difficult time understanding one another, ultimately creating a lack of trust and communication within the team. 

Self View 

The studies also show that through pre and post surveys, employees will have some type of standard data to reference when attending the workshops. In assessing the self evaluative surveys, studies have shown that employees are more willing to continue to learn and grow based on the scores that were provided to them. It is crucial to keep data around staff and senior leaders for them to continue to reflect on their communication styles and to keep improving team building skills to prevent conflict. 


Through this article it is evident that team workshops are vital in enhancing team communication. The results show that the group that had an intervention workshop were able to communicate more effectively because trust was built within the team. Providing an early workshop for employees when onboarding new staff is a necessity in order to cultivate deep relationships across the organization.

What This Means

  • A team workshop around team communication and creating space to de escalate conflicts is a great tool for organizations to adopt 
  • Providing an early onboarding workshop for employees will set the team up for success and will deepen trust within the team 
  • Continuing to learn about our own self views will only increase awareness within ourselves and others 

Final Takeaway

For consultants: Workshops around growth mindsets and effective communication is key in improving our skills.

For everyone: The more we learn about ourselves, the more space we create for strengthening relationships across the board.


Vanessa Chapman

Vanessa has a background in Business, Psychology, and Mediation. She is currently Director of Client Services for Peaceful Leaders Academy. Some of her hobbies include continuous learning, reading, writing, and participating in yoga retreats!

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