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Workplace Respect and Organizational Identification 

Rehmat , M. (2020). Workplace Respect and Organizational Identification: A Sequential Mediation. Retrieved April 18, 2022. 

Background & Theory

This article investigates the impact of workplace respect and how managerial support is crucial in fostering a positive and productive work environment. The research shows how organizational identification is a primary variable in understanding how the identity of the employee intertwines with the mission of the organization. Organizational Identification is defined as the psychological linkage between individuals and bond with the organization as a social entity.

Research Question(s)

  1. How does Organizational Identification contribute to company cultures? 
  2. What is the correlation between respect, managerial support, and job satisfaction? 


Workplace Respect and Organizational Identification 

Every organization aims to have a workforce that is motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate about their work. Research shows that it is pertinent to create an environment of respect, open collaboration, and efficiency in order for employees to produce quality work but also still stay engaged in their day-to-day tasks. This will ultimately keep retention rates low, and employee engagement high. 

Managerial Support 

The study indicates that a positive cooperative relationship between managers and employees will enhance behaviors across the board. If managers create space and time for employees to raise their concerns and they keep an open mind and line of communication, trust will be amplified within the organization. In order to deploy the most efficient and effective managerial support, the practices include management valuing the interests and values of the employees. If this is done consistently, employees will feel as if they are an integral part of the organization – pushing them to continue producing high quality work.

Job Satisfaction

It is important to continuously check in and understand whether an employee is satisfied or dissatisfied within their respective roles. Research shows that rewarding employees intrinsically and extrinsically will help boost motivation and productivity. Some examples of rewarding employees would be: higher salary, effective communication, organizational commitment from top management, and unconditional support when raising concerns. Employers can also come up with fun ideas, like creating crystal awards with a splash of color to support and inspire employees. 


The results show how respect, managerial support, and job satisfaction are all directly correlated. In providing a culture that emulates respect, the employees will also align to that mission of the organization. When managers have an open line of communication with their employees, there is a lesser chance of producing an avoidant corporate culture. This will actually create a healthy environment which then provides high satisfaction within their work function. In understanding the organizational identification within each employee, we can understand how their values align to the values of the organization.  

What This Means

  • Workplace respect is positively related to organizational identification 
  • Workplace respect is positively related to trust 
  • Trust is positively related to job satisfaction
  • Respect, support, and job satisfaction are the three key areas to analyze as upper management makes cultural decisions

Final Takeaway

For consultants: Constantly provide an open line of communication with clients, make them feel heard, understood, and comfortable. 

For everyone:. It is important to understand our own values and how they can align with any organization that we are interested in pursuing. 



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Vanessa has a background in Business, Psychology, and Mediation. She is currently Director of Client Services for Peaceful Leaders Academy. Some of her hobbies include continuous learning, reading, writing, and participating in yoga retreats!

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