diversity in the workplace


Managing team conflicts in the workplace can be overwhelming for even the most tenured leader. When conflict between two employees branches out to affect an entire team, or a large group of individuals, the risks not only grow, but so do the resolution needs. More people involved in a conflict means more people who are...


Workplace diversity describes an organization that hires and supports employees from varying backgrounds and characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, etc. An organization thriving in workplace diversity has employees with a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives and has policies to ensure people aren’t discriminated against due to those differences. Diversity Training...


Diversity training in the workplace is an important way to ensure your organization is operating in a functionally inclusive way, cultivating a productive and happy workplace, and avoiding issues of discrimination. What is Diversity Training in the Workplace? To create a team that’s trained in diversity and inclusion, you want to utilize a resource that...


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