Emotional Wellbeing


Summary of: Thomas Gries & Veronika Müller, 2020. “Conflict Economics and Psychological Human Needs,” Working Papers CIE 135, Paderborn University, CIE Center for International Economics. Background & Theory The basic approach in conflict economics, to explain motives and conditions for civil strife, is based on the assumption of choice. Wars, civil conflicts, or terrorism are thus analyzed...


Summary of: Fida, M., Khan, M., and Safdar A., “Job satisfaction in banks: Significance of emotional intelligence and workplace environment” (2019). Scholars Bulletin. 504-512. Background & Theory: Emotional intelligence is characterized by one’s ability to perceive, express, and regulate emotional responses in oneself as well as in others. When combined with a workplace environment, the...


If you are, as they say, a left-brained person, you may find it difficult to manage conflict in the workplace when it springs up between employees. Your logic-leaning mind will look at the situation objectively and implement an immediate action plan to mitigate the troubles that are likely to get in the way of productivity...


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