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I very rarely write a personal blog piece because I think perhaps most people find more value in less subjective, more informational articles. But today, I’m feeling extremely fortunate and am compelled to write about it; and perhaps—hopefully—there lies some value in my statement of gratitude. Just about every day, I get to do something...


Anyone who’s tried to settle a dispute in court knows it can be a long, hard, expensive way to bring about resolution. Extensive, drawn-out trials and litigation don’t always provide a satisfactory end result, even for the “winning” party. Aside from time wasted time and resources involved in court trials, reputations can be tarnished and...


Many people come to us asking: “What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?” and “How can ADR benefit me?” They want to know if there is an easier way to settle disputes that would otherwise mean waiting a long time to get heard in a backlogged court system – not to mention spending an exorbitant amount of...


When you’re in conflict with another person, attitude is the one thing that can make the encounter productive and an opportunity for growth, rather than a stressful and destructive circumstance. Remember the following 4 conflict resolution tips the next time you’re engaged in a conflict, and it might make all the difference in creating peace...


A client (we’ll call him Jason) recently came to me for counseling prior to a negotiation between him and his business partner. Jason and his partner have been friends for 20 years, but they have only recently gone into business together. Jason had a list of concerns and steps that he wanted to see taken;...


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