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May 17, 2021by Jeremy Pollack

This week’s conflict resolution tip is about the importance of speaking calmly and respectfully when in conflict.

It may seem somewhat obvious to suggest that we should speak calmly and respectfully with each other to maintain cooperative relationships, but this isn’t always so obvious when in conflict. When we’re in conflict, we often feel emotionally triggered, which makes it hard to remain calm. Becoming defensive, blaming, and making accusations are much more common reactions to things that emotionally upset us. However, if our goal is to navigate out of conflict and make peace between ourselves and the other person, speaking calmly and respectfully is vitally important.

Even if we feel emotionally triggered, each of us has the decision to respond instead of reacting to conflict in a way that is not defensive, accusatory, or full of blame. Taking a breath and a moment to reflect during these moments can help provide clarity to the best course of action. This being said, if you want to take the path of responding rather than reacting, speaking calmly and respectfully is a first step towards constructively handling conflict and building peace in your life.

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Jeremy Pollack

Jeremy Pollack is the Founder and CEO of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems.

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