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August 23, 2021by Jeremy Pollack

This week’s peacebuilding tip is how to set clear expectations in the workplace.

Many conflicts in the workplace are derived from a lack of communication or even a misunderstanding. Sometimes, a solution can be as easy as making it clear what is expected from an employee.

Expectations can sometimes be implied, but both parties may not know these expectations unless they are informed. It is important to ask yourself if you have set clear expectations. Do your employees know the standard you are operating out of? Do they agree with this standard? If employees do not think they can accomplish what is being asked of them, then you both can determine what is expected of them in the role through a conversation about expectations.

After communicating effectively in this way, you will have a shared expectation. This discussion is vital for maintaining and creating peace if you find yourself in conflict. This being said, if you want to bring more peace into your life, do you best to set clear expectations so everyone is on the same page.

Jeremy Pollack

Jeremy Pollack is the Founder and CEO of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems.

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