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March 19, 2020by PPS Admin

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems hosted a live, online panel discussion

called “Tips to Prevent Workplace Conflict During Crisis” on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

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Keep the Peace during COVID-19

Times of stress, uncertainty, and crisis can lead to interpersonal conflict and organizational disruption.

Watch a Recording of the Panel Discussion below.

Tips to Prevent Workplace Conflict During Crisis


  • Attending to employee needs during times of insecurity
  • Effective communication skills during remote work
  • Recognizing early signs of conflict & mitigating disputes
  • Keeping the team aligned, productive, and peaceful
  • Staying centered and empowered to be a strong leader for your team
  • Transforming this crisis into an opportunity for innovation and creative problem-solving
  • Live questions & answers with experts

Panel Speakers Included:

Jeremy mindfulness
PPS Founder Jeremy Pollack
Founder, Pollack Peacebuilding Systems
Expert, Conflict Resolution and Communication


Sherman Bringing mindfulness to workplace conflict
PPS Peacebuilder Dr. Sherman Green
Expert, Leadership & Conflict Resolution


Toni Hawkins, M.P.H.
PPS Peacebuilder Toni Hawkins
Expert, Public Health & Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution Expert Denver
Expert, Conflict Analysis & Transformation


Expert, Conflict Resolution & Mediation

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