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October 30, 2019by Emma Hartman

The EEOC charged that an employee of Eagle United Truck Wash, LLC was subjected to racial harassment by other employees and supervisors. The mistreatment continued even after the employee complained to management. The conflict came to a peak when, after a final complaint to management, the employee was immediately fired.

Along with paying $40,000, the company is under agreement to avoid engaging in this kind of discrimination in the future. They will also provide anti-discrimination training (with an emphasis on racial harassment) and they will be in continuous contact with the EEOC, reporting on how they handle these kinds of issues in the future. Finally, they must notify all employees of the settlement.

The Importance of Diversity

Not only did the employee have to deal with harassment at work, he was often the only black employee at the facility where he worked. As we’ve written about here, the racial composition of workplaces can impact psychological distress. Along with that, discrimination is more likely in workplaces where less than 25% of other coworkers are of the same race as the employee in question.

Company Culture Matters

It is up to companies to make a big effort to create diverse workplaces. Doing so can help make a positive impact on the company culture. More than that, everyone should be aware of ways to manage conflict in the workplace

As we’ve said before, company cultures play a huge role in the happiness and success of employees. If our other tips don’t help enough, maybe it’s time to reach out to professionals. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today to schedule a time to talk to us about company culture intervention

Truck Washing Company To Pay $40,000 In Racial Harassment and Retaliation Suit

Emma Hartman

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