Building Transparency and Buy-In

Fortune 500 Company: Legal Department


U.S Based Fortune 500

22,000 employees

Length of Project

6 weeks


Organizational Conflict Analysis

Group Coaching

Group facilitated dialogue

Our Team

1 Lead Peacebuilder/Analyst

1 Peace Process Facilitator

The Context

The head of HR for the company’s legal department, composed of approximately 30 attorneys and 10 legal support staff, sought help to solve a growing tension among staff, namely between distinct legal groups within the department as well as between department leadership and staff. A number of individuals complained of experiencing low morale, poor interpersonal communication, and dissatisfaction with leadership.

Our Approach

We set out to discover where the conflicts truly lied, both from top-down and bottom-up approach. Our Peacebuilder/Analyst began analysis and conflict mapping through one-on-one and group interviews and a mixed methods survey. He then presented results and themes to all involved, outlined a proposed strategy for culture transformation, and facilitated a group discussion around the strategy in order to get input and buy-in from all involved. The group facilitated dialogue yielded several agreed-upon initiatives, which would be integrated into the department’s protocols, including:

  • Hiring a technical lead to own the effort of new technology adoption, train people, and assist in implementation
  • Giving attorneys the opportunity to have new career experiences
  • A system for recognizing team members’ exemplary work
  • Quarterly calls with the entire department, led by the department head, as well as monthly group calls led by each group manager
  • New communication policies, include expectations around responsiveness and protocols for urgent matters


  • Staff reported satisfaction and relief in feeling heard and getting their long- standing concerns finally addressed.

  • Because they had agency in the solution, staff reported buy-in on technology processes and key decisions that had previously poor adoption
  • Leadership gained clarity into the underlying issues, leading to a) a plan for restructuring of titles and departmental structure, b) the development of clearer career paths and succession plans, and c) best practices in employee feedback systems for ongoing culture optimization.

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