Leader Excellence and Communication Skill-Building

State-run Board in Southern U.S.


State-run Licensing Board

88 employees

Length of Project

3 months initially

Then, ongoing weekly executive and facilitated dialogues for 1 year


Organizational Conflict Analysis

One-on-one Coaching

Group Facilitated dialogue

Our Team

1 Lead Peacebuilder/Analyst

2 Conflict Coaches

1 Trainer

The Context

The Chief Legal Counsel for a state-run licensing and investigation board in the Southern U.S. needed help understanding and solving growing conflicts at all levels of the organization. Complaints were being filed by support staff against director-level leadership, and vice versa. Particular individuals had filed EEO claims and recent investigations were carried out with no reportable evidence of harassment or discrimination. Hence, the board sought help from peacebuilders to discover what was happening and how they could manage the situation better.

Our Approach

Our Lead Peacebuilder built his team and began analysis and conflict mapping through one-on-one interviews with key leaders and select staff members identified as primary players in the conflict. He then outlined a proposed a strategy for culture transformation, conflict management systems implementation, and participant skills-building. Some of the agreed-upon initiatives included:

  • Communication coaching for select leaders and staff members
  • Facilitated dialogues between select individuals
  • Small group training for conflict resolution and communication skills building
  • Conflict management systems design and implementation


  • Participants receiving coaching reported higher levels of work satisfaction and engagement, and better interpersonal relationships.
  • Employee satisfaction increased by 26% after 3 months and 58% over 9 months.
  • 360-degree leadership assessments increased by 45% over 3 months and 77% over 9 months.
  • Select staff members left of their own accord, clearing the space for more aligned team members hired through improved recruiting methods.

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