Student Care & De-Escalation Skills Learning

Adult Vocational School


Adult Vocational School

1,500 employees

Length of Project

4 months

Multiple Cohorts


Educator-Learner Conflict Management

De-escalation Skills

Student Care Practices

Mediation Training

Leadership training

Group coaching and facilitated workshops

Our Team

1 Process Facilitator

4 Trainers

2 Assistant Trainers

The Context

The General Manager of an adult vocational school, employing hundreds of educators at branches around the U.S., sought help with increasingly complex challenges managing their adult student body. Educators were reporting problems in dealing with adult learners, surrounding a variety of issues, leading to more conflicts, greater student dissatisfaction, and higher instructor turnover. During a particularly polarizing period, the school’s GM foresaw even more challenging circumstances ahead and needed help training her instructor staff on more effective techniques for de-escalation, conflict resolution, and student care.

Our Approach

We surveyed the lead instructors at each of the many schools across the U.S. on some of the most common problems and themes they were experiencing with students. Based on that data, we modified our training workshop and designed custom practice scenarios to create a highly relevant and effective workshop for educators. We then delivered this interactive, instructor-led training workshop online (distance learning through Zoom) to multiple cohorts of educators around the country. Each cohort trained once per week over the course of 4 weeks, covering: 

  • De-escalation Skills for Student Care 
  • De-Escalation Skills for Identity-based Conflicts 
  • Mediation Skills for Leaders: How to Help Others Resolve Conflicts Effectively 
  • Open discussions on how to apply these skills in real-world scenarios 
  • Multiple skillset practices, learning tests, and roleplay 


  • More than 300 educators trained
  • Training satisfaction reported at an average of 92% (Highly Satisfied) across multiple measurements
  • Skillset tests improved by 45%, indicating that retention of the material was high and the capacity to apply it greatly increased
  • 8-week post-training check revealed retention and application of material

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