Peaceful Change Management Consulting

We provide a variety of change management consulting services, from large-scale system-wide change processes to acute, team-level changes. When change occurs, especially disruptive changes that cause worry and skepticism, it’s important to build buy-in and engagement while managing risk.

To ensure your change processes are peaceful and successful, schedule a free consultation today.

Peaceful Change Management Consulting

We provide a variety of change management consulting services, from large-scale system-wide change processes to acute, team-level changes. When change occurs, especially disruptive changes that cause worry and skepticism, it's important to build buy-in and engagement while managing risk.

To ensure your change processes are peaceful and successful, schedule a free consultation today.

The Peaceful
Change Management Program

Whether your organization is downsizing, scaling up, or implementing new systems, change can be scary and disruptive to your team members, leading to unhealthy conflict and unintended consequences. That’s why peace-oriented change management is so critical.

Peaceful change management typically involves a combination of conflict management methods, such as individual and team coaching, dialogue facilitation, and training that aim to reduce unhealthy conflict, build buy-in and engagement toward change, and reduce organizational risk.

While each situation is unique, below are the typical steps to our Peaceful Change Management program.

Consulting with Leadership

Every change management effort begins with consultations between our peacebuilders and the leadership team. These sessions serve as a deep dive into the reasons for change, the goals for change, and the messaging to staff.

Facilitated Dialogue & Training

Based on the leadership consultations, we determine who to involve in team dialogue sessions, facilitated by the peacebuilder, and which types of training are necessary, if any. The goal will be to reconcile grievances and skepticism, address worries and concerns, and ultimately create motivation and buy-in toward change.

Individual & Team Coaching

In addition to training and dialogues, the peacebuilder may have a series of coaching sessions with groups or individuals who need training reinforcement and/or additional support in staying engaged with the change processes. Maintaining trust through disruptive change is an incredibly important process, which requires consistent support and encouragement.

What is Peaceful Change Management?

Peaceful change management consulting is a process that involves a variety of conflict management methods aimed at both reducing risk and enhancing employee engagement toward change.

It is both an acute and systemic approach to building and sustaining peace during turbulent times, which may have to do with massive downsizing and layoffs, scaling up and shifts in organizational hierarchy, major implementation of new systems and processes, and everything in between.

Change processes in organizations can feel worrisome and demoralizing to team members, which makes peace-oriented change management processes so critical.

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Our Approach

At Pollack, our comprehensive approach to change management is designed to support and empower organizations through each layer of change. Whether it’s on the individual level, specific organizational projects, or enterprise-wide change initiatives, our program integrates deep behavioral insights with practical, strategic implementations to ensure your organization can navigate significant transitions smoothly and effectively.

Change Management for Individuals

At the heart of any organization are its people. Recognizing this, we focus our change management strategies specifically on enhancing individual resilience and capability. Each change management consultant at Pollack is trained to address the unique concerns and challenges that individuals face during times of change.

By providing personalized coaching sessions and targeted training programs, we enable every member of your internal team to not only adapt to but also thrive in new circumstances. This individual-level attention helps lay a strong foundation for broader organizational change, ensuring that everyone is aligned and ready to move forward together.

Change Management for Organizational Projects and Initiatives

When tackling specific projects or initiatives, the role of a change management consultant becomes crucial in aligning project goals with organizational behavior and ensuring that all stakeholders are equipped to adopt the changes.

Our change management consultant will work closely with your project teams to integrate change management practices that clear roadblocks and foster an environment conducive to innovation and efficiency.

By enhancing the capability of internal teams to manage and embrace change, Pollack helps your organization achieve desired outcomes and increase the return on investment of every project project management undertaken.

Enterprise Change Management

On a larger scale, Pollack’s approach to enterprise change management involves embedding essential change management principles into the corporate operations of your organization. Our consultants specialize in creating frameworks that support an adaptive culture and promote ongoing agility and growth.

This level of integration is vital for businesses facing significant transitions that affect the entire organizational structure or when introducing major new systems that require a shift in the corporate mindset.

The role of a consultant here is not only to guide the leadership through the strategic aspects of these changes but also to ensure that every segment of the organization is prepared and resilient. This holistic approach not only mitigates change saturation but also secures a competitive edge in rapidly changing markets.

Through these structured layers of our change management program, Pollack offers a robust foundation for organizations aiming to not only withstand but also capitalize on the challenges of change.

From supporting individuals to transforming enterprise operations, our consultants are dedicated to ensuring that your organization thrives during transitions. Trust Pollack to help you navigate your next change with confidence and strategic foresight.

How We Can Help with Managing Organizational Change

At Pollack, we understand the complexities and challenges that come with organizational change. We have tailored our approach to offer specialized support through our change management services. Here’s how our change management consultants can help your organization gain a competitive edge through effective transformation.

Aligning Leadership and Activating Strategic Initiatives

Our change management consultants excel in aligning and activating leaders around strategic initiatives. By developing a clear and impactful change management strategy, we ensure that all key stakeholders are engaged and committed to the shared vision. This alignment is crucial not just for agreement but also for fostering a proactive, supportive leadership culture that is essential for change success.

Crafting Persona-Driven Communications

Communication is a cornerstone of successful change management. Our change management consultants are adept at crafting persona-driven communications and engagement plans that effectively address the concerns and motivations of different groups within the organization. This targeted communication strategy helps build trust and secure buy-in across all levels, which is essential for any successful change process.

Prioritizing and Managing Complex Portfolios

Managing a portfolio of change initiatives requires meticulous planning and execution. Our project management expertise allows us to guide your organization in prioritizing and managing change initiatives efficiently, aligning them with your overarching business goals and ensuring they are positioned for success.

Transforming Organizational Performance

Transforming organizational performance and culture is a significant undertaking that involves deep changes to operational and behavioral norms. Pollack’s change management consultants work closely with your teams to implement these transformations, enhancing efficiency and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability.

Strategic and People Management

Addressing transformation-related people changes and cost reductions is a delicate part of the change management strategy. Our consultants are experienced in navigating these challenges, providing support to minimize disruptions and maintain morale throughout the change management projects.

Establishing Best Practices and Supporting the CTO

We help establish best practices in program management for complex business strategies and support the office of the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO). Our change management consultant will ensure the CTO is equipped with the necessary change competencies to oversee transformations effectively and communicate with both internal and external stakeholders.

Our Change Management Consultant Team

At Pollack, our team of experienced change management consultants is composed of skilled professionals dedicated to guiding organizations through transformative changes with respect and efficacy. Here are a few key members of our team:
Photo of Jeremy Pollack

Dr. Jeremy Pollack

As the founder of Pollack Peacebuilding, Dr. Jeremy Pollack is a pioneer in the field of peace and conflict resolution. With a focus on uniting diverse perspectives and transforming conflicts constructively, Dr. Pollack leads as a principal change management consultant, ensuring that each intervention is grounded in understanding and respect.

Photo of Emily

Emily Machin-Mayes

Emily Machin-Mayes, Program Director and seasoned Peacebuilder at Pollack, excels in managing and facilitating our peace services. As a change management consultant, she plays a pivotal role in supporting both clients and Peacebuilders, ensuring that every program is executed with precision and care.

Dawn Hagopian

Dawn Hagopian, M.A.

Dawn Hagopian brings a deep understanding of transformative change to her role as a change management consultant at Pollack. Her expertise in affirming professional and productive behavior within organizations makes her a vital asset in our team’s efforts to facilitate meaningful and lasting change.

Photo of Luke Wiesner

Luke Wiesner, M.S., P.C.C.

Luke Wiesner, a change management consultant with a background in psychology and certified professional coaching, is committed to fostering environments where respectful communication and integrity prevail. His approach helps individuals and teams navigate changes effectively, aligning their needs with organizational goals in constructive ways.

Change Management Services Get Results

In addition to improved engagement, morale, and mental-emotional health during change, the most important result of our services is organizational effectiveness. Here are a few satisfied clients.

“I hired PPS to help with some interpersonal conflicts at work. The conflicts affected the organization to the point that valuable employees might quit, or have to be let go. In just a few sessions, our Peacebuilder guided us through a process that turned things around.” 

– Simone McGinnis, General Manager, Val Vista Lakes Community Association

“PPS was a big help in an HR issue at where we felt we needed third party objectivity without the heavy hand of a lawyer or investigator. PPS was able to assess the situation and gain the trust of both the employee and management and accurately assessed a workable path forward. Our organization learned much from an experience that ultimately resulted in a more peaceful, harmonious workplace.”

– Peter Connery, Vice President, Applied Survey Research

“As the CEO of a growing business, PPS has helped my corporation in so many ways…all of which have translated into positive factors such as elevated productivity, a more contented and productive work environment and, most importantly, a reduction of conflict and hostility.”

– Alan Sitomer, CEO, Mastery Coding

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