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Conflicts between groups, especially in a sociopolitical context, can be quite complex. In modern industrial societies, conflicts often move beyond disputes over resources and into long-standing, deep-rooted, socio-psychological conflicts between the interests and needs of various collectives. When it comes to analyzing community-based conflicts and implementing community conflict resolution methods, several factors must be comprehensively assessed. Whether the conflict lies among activist groups, governmental agencies, political bodies, and/or religious communities, expertise in both conflict resolution and social psychology will be necessary to adequately comprehend the dynamics of the conflict, and thus its potential routes toward resolution or management.

Basic Human Needs & Community Conflict Analysis

PPS utilizes a number of methods, framed through the perspective of basic human needs (BHN) theory, to meticulously analyze community-based conflicts. Via a BHN paradigm, we take a multi-tier, interest-based approach to understanding, managing, and resolving conflicts between groups. This approach includes individual and group interviews, surveys, and/or other data collection methods deemed contextually appropriate. Our aim is to understand:

  • which needs of each party are actually or perceived to be threatened or depleted by the other
  • where each party’s interests and values lie and how they are utilized to satisfy the party’s core needs
  • how to untangle perceptions of threat by the other party
  • how to satisfy the needs of each party, as best as possible, for mutually satisfying solutions
  • the conflict identity of parties involved, in order to deconstruct and replace with new, more constructive narratives of cultural identity

Community Conflict Resolution Methods

After PPS is brought in to analyze community-based conflicts, we produce a  comprehensive report and a proposed plan of action toward conflict resolution. We often attempt to get both parties to engage in one or more of the following methods:

  • Group or community mediation
  • Facilitated negotiation
  • Problem-solving workshop
  • Collective creative brainstorming
  • Or any variety of resolution methods appropriate for the particular conflict

Community Conflict Resolution

At PPS, our mission, and purpose, in the world is to create more peace, within and between individuals and groups. All of our endeavors are focused on this aim. Therefore, we do not see conflict as a problem but rather an opportunity for transformation, growth, and greater harmony. We would love to help your community or group satisfy your members’ core needs, achieve valued interests, and develop more effective and productive interactions with all other parties.

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