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Facilitated Negotiation, Transformative Mediation, and Peacebuilding

As conflict specialists, we have mediated several varieties of group conflicts, from single-point disputes within communities to complex, seemingly intractable conflicts between groups. Although PPS generally focuses on all parties’ underlying concerns and interests in order to transform relationships and create Win-Win scenarios, the community mediation services employed in each negotiation or mediation depend on the particular circumstances and the parties involved.

What it Takes to Resolve Group Conflict and Build Peace

When it comes to resolving or managing conflicts between groups, who typically maintain core ideological differences, many factors must be considered. It takes not only a skilled facilitator to help groups negotiate the situation, but also a mediator with a firm and extensive understanding of group dynamics, social psychology, ingroup/outgroup bias, and a number of other socio-psychological mechanisms that often impede or prevent successful outcomes. Led by an anthropologist and conflict resolution specialists, with extensive backgrounds in the psychology of human cooperation and conflict, we help uncover unconscious biases and roadblocks to peace, and assist the involved parties in collaborative, creative problem-solving to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution.

What Sort of Community Mediation Services Are Right For Your Group?

Is your community involved in an ongoing conflict that seems too complex to be resolved favorably? Has your group found itself in an internal dispute over only one or a few points of contention, needing help to get to “Yes”? Is the conflict between individuals or factions within the community, or between entire groups that have fundamental cultural or identity differences? Do you simply want to get the conflict over with and move on, or are you looking to transform the relationship between your group and the other party? These and a variety of other questions must be answered to discover which mediation or dispute resolution approaches would be applicable and appropriate for your group’s circumstance.

Some of the community mediation services PPS employs include:

  • Interest-based Mediation
  • Facilitative Mediation
  • Narrative Mediation
  • Transformative Mediation & Peacebuilding
  • Evaluative Mediation
  • General Conflict Management Implementation Plans

community mediation services

To discover how community mediation services could help improve or resolve your community’s situation, contact PPS today. Let us help you manage the conflict and set a foundation for sustainable peace.

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