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Conflict Management Consultants on Retainer

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems provides on-call, on-retainer conflict resolution consultants for individuals looking to improve their relationships, companies seeking to optimize operational efficiency and communications, or anyone generally looking to significantly enhance interpersonal or intergroup dynamics. Reform your relationships to create more joy and harmony. Redesign your workplace with human happiness and productivity as its core mission. Keep a conflict management coach on retainer anytime you need help navigating a challenge at home or work. Your relationships and relational atmosphere will transform in ways you may have never imagined. When it comes to creating peace, you’ll have to learn to better manage conflict. A PPS coach can help.


Conflict Consultants on Retainer for Companies

If you are looking to dramatically augment communication, increase productivity and efficiency, and perhaps most importantly improve relationships within the organization, PPS can help. Our retainer service for companies provides dedicated, on-demand conflict management consultants for executives, managers, and employees. We are a neutral, confidential outside party to listen, talk, and help your organization’s members navigate the sometimes difficult waters of interoffice politics. Anytime you have a problem at work…we’re here for you.

Ongoing Relationship Coaching for Individuals

Whether you are involved in an historically difficult relationship, seem to have regular interpersonal problems with people in your life, or just generally want to become a better communicator, PPS can help. In a safe and confidential setting, we coach individuals through difficult situations, tumultuous relationships, and ongoing communication challenges. Our goal is to help you improve communication, learn to get your needs met, discover what your and others’ emotional triggers are, and ultimately find more fulfilling and peaceful ways of growing closer, co-existing, or in some cases parting ways with the people in your life. The aim is for you to develop healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

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