Become a Certified Conflict Management Specialist ("CCMS")

Earn the post-nominal professional designation "CCMS" after your name, with the successful completion of this conflict resolution certification course. The course has no prerequisites for entry; however, weekly assignments must earn a passing grade.

conflict resolution certification

Certificate Course Overview

This conflict resolution certificate course covers a wide array of topics, with a special focus on conflict management techniques and effective communications skills. The intensive and dynamic course is designed to qualify students to: accurately assess conflict scenarios; identify underlying interests, needs, and feelings of the parties involved; and apply interest-based negotiation methods to arrive at Win-Win solutions. The course is geared for all professionals looking to progress in their careers by exhibiting extended education in conflict resolution and management training.

Conflict Resolution Certification Course Details


  1. Conflict Theory
  2. Conflict Psychology
  3. Interpersonal Conflict versus Intergroup Conflict
  4. Negotiation Techniques
  5. Mediation Methods
  6. Effective Communication Skills
  7. Listening Skills
  8. Identification of Underlying Interests, Needs, and Roadblocks
  9. Action-Oriented Conflict Resolution Strategies
  10. Roleplaying and Real-World Practice

Course Requirements

  • No academic prerequisites are required for this course.
  • Weekly assignments must attain a passing grade each week for the student to continue. Should the student fail to pass within the first 2 weeks, a full refund will be issued.
  • Total costs for the course is $599 to be paid upon enrollment.

Course Duration

  • Course maintains ongoing enrollment throughout the year and begins at the student's discretion.
  • The certification course is 10 weeks long, beginning upon enrollment.
  • Students should expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week on assignments (total 100 hours for the course).

Weekly Assignments

  • Includes reading, writing, and videos.
  • Assignments are submitted via email each week.
  • Assignments are graded and commented on by instructor each week.

Instructor Interaction

  • Benefit from direct weekly interaction with the instructor.
  • Instructor is a professional Conflict Management Consultant with Masters or Doctoral Degree in Conflict Resolution.

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