Conflict Resolution Services For Family Businesses

Whenever people work closely together, conflict can arise. Disagreements can become especially intense for those who are working with family members in a family-owned and family-run business. Conflict in family-run businesses can quickly escalate and may require the help of conflict resolution services for family businesses to restore a productive and peaceful working environment.

If disagreements among family members have become seemingly unresolvable, it’s time to get help. It’s possible to arrive at Win-Win solutions to your family business conflicts and restore communication with the help of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems (PPS).

When Family Drama Affects Business

While non-family-run businesses have a natural separation between home and work, disagreements between family members can overlap between the two. It can be difficult to detach from upsetting situations and drama when you see the same people at home that you do at work.

Most family businesses don’t have formal processes for mediating disputes. Without someone in a neutral position to act as a mediator and listen to both sides, conflicts can turn into power struggles that can harm the relationship as well as the productivity of the business. Expert conflict resolution services for family businesses may be the best way to come to a solution that is acceptable for everyone concerned.

The Escalation of Conflict in Family-Run Businesses

Each family business has its own dynamic which can be affected by the roles and expectations of each family member. There can be intense competition among family members and a pattern of emotional reactivity. Minor disagreements may happen from time to time that can be resolved with clear communication and compromise. Discussions that start from minor differences of opinions can sometimes lead to solutions that benefit the business.

But not all family conflicts can be resolved calmly. Conflicts that start as small disagreements can get bigger when family members refuse to compromise. Those that are involved in these serious disputes may feel like other family members aren’t hearing them. Anger and blame can intensify quickly and may escalate to the point where volatile emotions have gotten completely out of control and communication isn’t possible. Each side may feel they have to hold their ground no matter what, and rage may be so intense that relationships are damaged.

At this point, the success or survival of the business is threatened. In some cases, those involved in the conflict have legitimate concerns or differences, but in other cases, people may be overreacting or trying to manipulate or control other members of the family. Once communication breaks down to this degree, things can quickly spiral out of control.

How Conflict Resolution Services for Family Businesses Can Help

Heated disagreements don’t have to mean the end of your family relationships or your family business. With the help of conflict resolution services by PPS professionals, the needs of all parties can be heard. Mediation services allow communication to be reopened so that all participants can express their perspective and family members can work together collaboratively.

The goal is to come up with a Win-Win solution that considers the needs of everyone involved. With the help of facilitated mediation services using conflict resolution services for family businesses, emotional intensity can be diffused and relationships can start to mend.

Conflict Resolution Services for Family Businesses

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems can help to resolve conflict in family-run businesses. Get in touch with us today to find out how our conflict resolution services can help rebuild your family and business relationships. While family disagreements aren’t likely to be completely avoided, solutions are possible that can save your family business and your family relationships.