Conflict Resolution for Associations & Advisory Boards

Building business relationships requires collaboration, communication, and respect. Maintaining those relationships throughout the course of a partnership or project requires the same ingredients. This is especially true among fellow board members and advisors. Disagreements can regularly occur when working closely with others on important matters, and minimizing negative impact on overall growth, profit, and morale requires the right kind of expertise in managing interpersonal challenges.  That’s why Pollack Peacebuilding offers conflict resolution for associations and advisory boards. Whether conflicts erupt between board members, partners, or employees contact us for help.

Conflict Management & Training for Advisory Boards

Conflict Resolution for AssociationsDisputes can erupt with little to no warning when important matters are at hand. Advisory boards hold a lot of responsibility and major decisions are not often easy to come by. In this high-stakes environment, disagreements can become personal, aggressive, or just generally ineffective to the overall mission.

The most effective approaches to conflict resolution for associations must consider the time and financial investment it takes to foster important business relationships. There are no business decisions to be made without people; employees, stakeholders, or customers in mind. Therefore, tending to the relationships is a critical need, and starting with leadership is especially important.

Conflict Resolution Between Board Members & Partners

It’s important to stay one step ahead of the inevitable disagreements or interpersonal ruptures that could potentially derail an important business relationship. Pollack Peacebuilding Systems (PPS) is experienced in conflict resolution for associations, working to coach each party to a mutually beneficial solution. Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems for conflict resolution services that can set your organization as a leader in rapport. PPS offers training and support that can trickle down from the top and have a company-wide impact.

How Conflict Resolution for Associations Can Benefit Your Organization

Conflict Resolution for AssociationsIt’s hard to argue this fact: change begins at the top. When those in leadership roles model effective communication and collaboration, everyone in the company can feel residual positive impacts. Leadership taking on effective conflict management strategies can overhaul company culture for the better, standardizing practical, solution-focused interactions that can impact everything from innovation to the customer experience. This makes training and skills-building among board members and partners a necessary start to conflict management.

Here are a few examples outlining why getting support with conflict resolution for associations may be your best solution:

  • Enhance communication between business partners and board members
  • Provide an affordable solution to conflict rather than letting go of partnerships
  • Prevent legal problems or financial losses that could result from business termination
  • Avoid bad press and low morale

Mediating Relationships Between Board Members & Partners

Relationships don’t tend to break down overnight.  The best way to mitigate conflict is to prevent it from ever happening at all. By utilizing the support of conflict resolution services, business partners and associates can adapt and teach new skills and insights that improve communication and teamwork before things ever show signs of heating up.

Contact Pollack Peacebuilding Systems today to get specialized support and training to keep business running and relationships growing. We’ve helped dozens of co-executives, board members, and co-advisors navigate difficult interpersonal matters to foster healthier, productive relationships.